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India: National People’s Tribunal on Atrocities against Dalits

Tuesday 15 March 2016, by siawi3

Source: National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights, March 15, 2016


National People’s Tribunal on Atrocities against Dalits
DATE- March 16th 2016
VENUE - Vishwa Yuva Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights- National Dalit Movement for Justice (NCDHR-NDMJ) is holding its second Public Hearing on caste-based discrimination. NDMJ works towards securing access to justice for the Dalit and Adivasi community. The Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989, and Protection of Civil Rights Act (PCR Act) 1976 act as guiding legal provisions in this endeavour.

National People’s Tribunal (NPT), provides a platform for survivors and witnesses of caste-based discrimination and atrocities to highlight the insidious problems hindering access to justice in the country. In this context NDMJ is holding a Public hearing whereby cases can be deposed off with eminent jurists such as academicians, activists and retired judges who would also give key recommendations on the issue of caste cased discriminations and the growing number of atrocities cases around the country

The 19 cases presented come from across the country. Some of the cases being heard by the Tribunal includes, Jadu Mallick’s a Dalit man’s plea for freedom to access the religious institution; Chadrama Prasad plea for justice for 13 members of the Dalit community and residents of Azamgarh who were beaten up and set ablaze, gang rape and murder of a minor Dalit girl Shubhangi Baliram Arjune in Latur Maharashtra; Shivam a Dalit boy whose hands were crushed in a sugarcane extracting machine for refusing labour and brutal murder of Dalit woman Seeta in the name of ‘honour’.

The jury for the National Public Tribunal comprises of—

Mr. Aakar Patel, Executive Director, Amnesty International
Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj, Co-convener, National Campaign for Peoples’ Right to Information
Ms. Farah Naqvi, Members, Board of directors, OXFAM
Ms. Ruth Manorama, President, National Alliance of Women (NAWO)
Justice (Rtd) C. L. Thool, Chairperson (Acting), State Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Commission, Maharashtra