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Germany: Multiple shootings in multiple locations, 6 likely dead

Friday 22 July 2016, by siawi3


Germany: Multiple shootings in multiple locations, 6 likely dead, say reports
German Police ask people to avoid posting pictures or videos of the police operations and help the ’perpetrators’

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 23, 2016 12:05 am

Photo: Police secure a street near to the scene of a shooting in Munich, Germany July 22, 2016. (Source: Reuters)

The local police in Germany is reporting that shots have been fired at a shopping center in Munich.

Several people have been reportedly killed, as reported by Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper quoting the police. The police say a lone gunman might be behind the attack.

While German media says there are reports of a second shooting as well.

The shooting at a Munich shopping mall is over, police spokeswoman Claudia Kvenzel said, reported the BBC. A “shooting spree” happened early Friday evening at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall in the Moosach district of Munich, according to the BBC.

Helicopters are now flying over the scene and as workers at the shopping center have stayed back inside the shops. Meanwhile, the police has advised people against visiting the area.

The police have been on high alert after the Bavaria stabbing incident.

The news comes at a very turbulent time, where terrorist attacks are coming one after the other. Earlier this week, a 17-year-old Afghan immigrant attacked people on a train with sharp objects, critically injuring nearly five people. Hand-painted Islamic State flags were found in his house along with a video in which he pledged his allegiance to the terror organisation.

The Islamic State had later claimed responsibility for the attack. The perpetrator was shot dead by the police while trying to flee.

munich-shooting-map-759 Map of the Olympia shopping centre, and the McDonalds, where the shootout began.

Earlier last week, a speeding truck mowed down more than 80 people on Bastille Day in Nice, France. The ISIS had again claimed responsibility for this attack also. The driver was shot dead by the police.

In April, three people were injured in an explosion at Gurudwara in western Germany. Police worked on the assumption that the explosion was caused deliberately but that there are no indications it was a terrorist incident. However, soon it was found that one of the two men identified by police as Yusuf T, an ISIS sympathiser.

This is a developing story. More details are awaited.


Here are the LIVE updates (Indian time IST)

11:50 pm: German police ask people to remain indoor while operation at various places in the city is on.

11:45 pm: A second police operation is currently at the City Centre in Munich

11:43 pm: Police operation currently on at the Olympia shopping centre in Munich

11:40 pm: German police saying “Unconfirmed reports of more violence and possible gunfire in the City Center.”

11:35 pm: Three suspected gunmen in German shopping mall shooting: Police, reports AFP

11:32 pm: ‘Likely at least six dead’ in German mall shooting: Police source, reports AFP

11:23 pm: The shootout took place at round 6 pm local time at a McDonalds restaurant in the Olympia shopping centre.

Unverified footage appears to show moment shots fired in #Munich – Latest developments:

— BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) July 22, 2016

11: 17 pm: One or several shooters are on loose, we don’t not know the location of the perpetrators: Munich Police

11:15 pm: Three people are dead in the shopping centre shooting in Munich, says German police to local TV RTL, reports CNN.

11:11 pm: German police requests people not to post pictures or videos about police operations to control the situation better.

Please don’t take Fotos or Video of Police Action in order to avoid any helpful Information for the suspects. #munich #gunfire #oez

— Polizei München (@PolizeiMuenchen) July 22, 2016

11:09 pm: German news agency DPA: Munich police hunting shooter or shooters at mall; no one captured yet, reports AP.

11:05 pm: German police now report multiple shooting incidents in Munich

10:59 pm: Employees of shopping center still hiding inside.

10:57 pm: Police saying they might be dealing with a shooting rampage.

10:55 pm: Police telling people to stay away from public places.

+++ACHTUNG+++ Meiden Sie die Umgebung um das #OEZ – Bleiben Sie in Ihren Wohnungen. Verlassen Sie die Straße!+++

— Polizei München (@PolizeiMuenchen) July 22, 2016

10:53 pm: Multiple transport services have been suspended such as trams, buses and trains .

10:48 pm: Helicopters are now flying over the scene and as workers at the shopping center have stayed back inside the shops. Meanwhile, the police has advised people against visiting the area.