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Saudi led-air strike kills 82 in Yemen

Monday 10 October 2016, by siawi3


Sat Oct 8, 2016 | 1:36pm EDT

Saudi led-air strike kills 82 in Yemen: minister of Houthi-run government

People carry the body of man killed in what witnesses said was an airstrike by Saudi-led coalition aircraft on mourners at a hall where a wake for the father of Jalal al-Roweishan, the interior minister in the Houthi-dominated Yemeni government, was being held, in Sanaa, Yemen October 8, 2016. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

An air strike by the Saudi-led coalition on mourners in Sanaa on Saturday killed at least 82 people, the acting health minister in the Houthi-led administration in the Yemeni capital said.

Ghazi Ismail told a news conference in Sanaa the number of people wounded in the attack was 534.

(Reporting by Mohammed Ghobari; writing by Sami Aboudi; editing by Andrew Roche)