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Canada: What’s in a label? The ideological baggage of Arab and/or Muslim social identity labels.

Friday 14 October 2016, by siawi3

Source: Canadian Council of Muslim Women, octobr 14, 2016

What’s in a label? The ideological baggage of Arab and/or Muslim social identity labels.

The Center for Urban Schooling, OISE.
Nov 2nd 2016, 6:30pm

Within social identity labels of Muslims and/or Arabs, there is much diversity that is flattened and erased through these labels, for example: South Asian Muslim, Black Muslim, white-passing Arab, and other identities present and yet to emerge. The plurality of Muslims and Arabs -as well as social groups perceived to be associated with them- encounter very real, but very different Islamo-racisms. Activists and researchers working within their respective communities, as well as within the broader context of Canadian citizenship, encounter the boundaries of these labels in their work towards sometimes common, sometimes disparate, ways of engagement and goals. The labels dialogically shape and represent social imaginaries and have powerful implications for concepts of Self/Other.

This panel aims to open up critical discussions of these labels, their many combinations and the tensions, possibilities and challenges as they relate to research and activism. How do people who identify with these labels deploy them and to what purpose? How are these labels indicative of power relations, in particular various supremacies (Arab supremacy, Sunni Muslim supremacy, white-passing) within their communities and activism? Panel participants will attempt to address the generalities of these racializing dynamics, while honoring the specificity of experience and highlighting the plurality of Islamo-racisms.

The panelists are:

Andre Mazawi, Professor, Faculty of Education, UBC
Hawa Y.Mire, Outburst! Director
Heba Elshreif, PhD candidate, OISE
Raja Khoury, Director, Canadian Arab Institute
Sameena Eidoo, Assistant Director of Education, Multi-faith Center U of T.

Panel questions:

How do you identify and what does that label mean to you?
How do you experience Islamo-racism/anti-Arab racism?
How do these labels support or hinder your research/activism?
How do we interrogate settler colonialism and our complicity as settlers in our work?

Organized by: Lucy El-Sherif, PhD student, OISE.
Hosted by: The Center for Urban Schooling, OISE.
Date: Nov 2nd 2016, 6:30pm