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France-USA: Women’s Solidarity March on Paris

Sunday 15 January 2017, by siawi3

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Source: MMF, 12.01.2017

Women’s March on Paris


Meeting Point : 14h - Wall of Peace - Champ de Mars

On January 21, 2017, following the swearing in of Donald Trump, feminist and other associations in defense of human rights will organize a Women’s March on Washington and all over the world.

We are mobilizing as the new president of the United States prepares to apply the violently sexist, lesbophobic, homophobic, xenophobic and racist ideology that he defended during his campaign. His choice for the Supreme Court is William Pryor, a judge who considers abortion to be "the worst abomination" in legal history. His vice president, Mike Pence, openly espouses creationist ideas. His main advisor, Steve Bannon, publishes hateful racist and misogynist messages on his website. He also wants to destroy ObamaCare, the health insurance law.

This reactionary politics at work today in the United States is the concretization of a much wider phenomenon in the world, in Europe, in France :
In Europe, conservative and reactionary movements constantly challenge the rights of women, in particular abortion (Poland, Spain, etc.)
In France, there is real danger coming from several presidential candidates who threaten women’s rights.

We will march on January 21 in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington, because defending women’s rights in the United States is defending them in France and the world over. We will march against incitement to hatred, discriminatory attitudes, reactionary messages and actions. This march is open to women and men, and every person in the world is welcome.

Route : Wall of Peace, Iena Bridge, Trocadero

Arrive : 3:30pm, Trocadero - Human Rights Square

Event conclusion : 4:30pm