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Serbia: Announcement on the occasion of March 8th - International Women’s Day

Tuesday 7 March 2017, by siawi3

Source: Women In Black - Belgrade ; Zene u crnom,

Mon, 6 Mar 2017 15:18:16 +0100


on the occasion of March 8th – International Women’s Day

Women’s Network against Violence, Roma Women Network, Women in Black Network, Left Summit of Serbia and Reconstruction Women’s Fund organize a protest march on 8th March in Belgrade, in Republic Square at 12 p.m. under the slogan

Stand up all women victims of oppression!

This year, at the initiative of the women of Argentina and Italy, women strikes are being organized throughout the world, exposing the fact that:

- Capital exploits labor – precarity;

- National states and markets exploit women by incurring debts in their name

- National states criminalize migrants and refugees;

- Unpaid and invisible domestic women’s work and caregiving are unrecognized;

- Economic violence aggravates male violence against women , the most brutal form of which being femicide.

We support these initiatives and join the march on March 8th against class and colonial exploitation of women, demanding freedom and social justice.

Women’s labor and social rights are massively threatened nowadays. Patriarchal attitudes, which have been on the rise over the past quarter of a century, further aggravate the long-standing subjugation of women. Re-traditionalization, by proclaiming that the place of the women is primarily at home, enables the capitalist system to continue thriving on women’s unpaid work and further exclusion of women from the public sphere. In capitalist economy, supported by patriarchy, women’s work is either poorly paid or unpaid, and often takes place in adverse circumstances, with women being constantly exposed to sexist practices in their workplaces. At the same time, they represent a workforce in a particularly uncertain position, compelled to accept jobs characterized by precarious conditions of work, sometimes even lower wages and with no social insurance. Thus, in most countries women become economically vulnerable categories, bearing the burden of almost all the consequences of the structural crisis of capital. Low productivity of peripheral capitalist economy and the high rate of unemployment are remedied by returning the women into the domestic sphere, while the effects of austerity measures and the accompanying loss of infrastructure (daycare institutions for children, senior citizens’ care services, healthcare, etc.) tend to redirect all forms of social services to women.

In Serbia, like everywhere else in the world, women make up the majority of the unemployed, socially and medically challenged, victims of harassment in the workplace and of domestic and intimate partner violence and homicides, and victims of sexual violence on the whole.

The authorities, incapable of finding a way out of the structural crisis and improving the quality of life of the population, incite inter-ethnic tensions, creating an atmosphere of fear, which in turn leads to the rise of nationalism, patriarchy and re-traditionalization on all levels.

Therefore, on March 8th this year, we will march for all women: workers, unemployed, refugees, victims of male violence and femicide, lesbians, Roma women, women with disabilities, our friends, and we will voice a loud :

NO to privatizations, bad work conditions, miserable salaries, exploitations, employers’ autocracy, labor inspections’ indolence;

NO to insecurity in the workplace, high rates of unemployment, persecution of the most deprived, who are trying to survive in the grey economy sphere;

NO to the silenced and condoned racism toward Roma women and men;

NO invisible and unrecognized women’s labor;

NO to all the divisions imposed on us by the owners of capital, and the state catering for their interests;

NO to renewed weapons rattle in the area of the former Yugoslavia;

NO to the closing of borders for all refugees.

Stand up all women victims of oppression!