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Israeli-Palestinian Congress of the People

Saturday 18 March 2017, by siawi3

Source: Gush Shalom, 17.03.2017

Israeli-Palestinian Congress of the People

1000 Israelis & Palestinians will hold grassroots negotiatiations at the Center of Tel-Aviv

Rabin Square, Tel Aviv, Israel

Today - Friday, March 17, 2017, 10AM – 4PM

Hundreds Israelis & Palestinians will negotiate peace in the famous Rabin Square, Tel Aviv.

Hundreds of Palestinians negotiate solutions to the conflict around 40 tables in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv. The negotiations are open to the public and invite public participation. The congress would be held in the presence of international observers.

On July 22 - 500 Israelis & Palestinians negotiated peace in Rothschild Boulevard, Tel-Aviv. On March 17 - we are doubling the number of participants to 1000 and moving to the famous Rabin Square.

This event is an important step towards the establishment of a major Israeli-Palestinian Public Negotiating Congress with political power which we intend to establish in summer 2017. The congress is designed to involve the people in the peacemaking efforts and motivate the leaderships to conclude agreements.

The initiative is led by Dr. Sapir Handelman - an Israeli who received the Peter Becker Award in Peace & Conflict Studies. Dr. Handelman and his colleagues have successfully led 32 Israeli-Palestinian public negotiating congresses in different locations around the US and Canada,and in Israel and the West Bank.

To view the agreements and videos visit: and Facebook: ‘minds of peace’

This is the first time that 1000 people (500 Israelis &500 Palestinians) will negotiate solutions to the conflictin the famous Rabin Square, Tel Aviv.

For more information:

Yael lotan: 03- 5667474 yael

Yahav cohen : 052- 3392929 yahav

Michal Peled: 058-5578066 peace.public