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Israel: The Freedom March today

Saturday 18 March 2017, by siawi3

Source: Combatants for Peace>


يوم الجمعه 17 اّذار ستنطلق مسيرة الحرية ٠ي قرية تواني – جنوب الخليل من اجل السلام, الحرية و المساواة بين الشعبين. تاتي المسيرة للتضامن مع اهل قرية تواني الذين يواجهون التهديد المستمر بالضرد من بيتهم من قبل الاحتلال حيث تهدم بيوتهم بشكل مستمر و يتعرضون للعن٠المتواصل من قبل المستوطنين. نعتز بمشاركتكم!

Today, Friday, March 17th, the Freedom March is coming to the village of At-Tuwani, south of Mt. Hebron. We will march for peace, freedom and hope for both people.

We also march in solidarity with the residents south of Mt. Hebron who are threatened with expulsion from their homes under the laws of expropriation, and who are suffering from repeated home demolitions and settler’s violence.

Our joint nonviolence movement shows there is another way
come Join us!

Buses will depart :
Tel Aviv at 09:45 from Arlozorov-Savidor-Merkaz Train Station (near the turn down to Ayalon South), and
Jerusalem at 10:45 from Binyanei Ha’Uma (on Sderot Shazar).
Registration for transport

Combatants for Peace
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