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Serbia: Stop Racism Against Refugees

Tuesday 21 March 2017, by siawi3

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Source:Women In Black 20. 03. 2017.

Stop Racism Against Refugees

On the occasion of March 21st, The International Day Against Racism, Women in Black will organized a protest “Stop Racism Against Refugees”, from 1PM to 2PM in Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade.

With this action we want to draw attention to the growing racism, discrimination and intolerance towards refugees in Serbia and Europe.
Racism is present in Serbia, chronic problem of discrimination against Roma, smoldering xenophobia spread by pro-government tabloid media. The last victims of this problem and the atmosphere created by the years of nationalist and racist propaganda are refugees from the Middle East, which saw in Europe a shelter from the conflict in their countries.

Unfortunately, instead of solidarity and warmth, in today’s Europe, overcome by populism, nationalism and xenophobia, they were greeted by cold wires, walls and batons.
After closing of the “Balkan route”, a large number of refugees remained in Serbia. Some of them found “home” in abandoned warehouses near the Main bus station in Belgrade. In peace and patiently they waited for their “place under the sun.” Unfortunately these days there wasn’t a lot of “sun” in Belgrade. In addition to the extremely cold winter, over a month of constant temperature below zero, what was perhaps more painful and more difficult, was a coldness in the hearts of most of Belgraders. Scenes that have seen all over the world, reminded some of Nazi concentration camps in World War II. Abandoned by all but a small group of volunteers, activist, organizations which, despite prohibitions continue to help, and the few conscientious citizens, they managed to survive the winter, and more importantly, their hopes and faith in a better tomorrow and solidarity survive.

We invite everyone to help the refugees.
Solidarity against racism!
Stop racism against refugees!
Stop the war, not refugees!

Belgrade, 20. 03. 2017.
Women in Black