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UK: Islam’s Non-Believers Panel discussion at the London Conference for Free Expression


Monday 31 July 2017, by siawi3



JULY 28, 2017

The London Conference for Free Expression, featuring everyone from atheists to ex-Muslims and Muslim reformists, was reportedly held in a secret location on Sunday amid fears of attacks by jihadists.

According to, among those in attendance at the conference was ex-Muslim woman Bonya Ahmed, whose thumb was hacked off by Islamists in Bangladesh in 2015.

“She had thrown her arms in front of her husband Avijit Roy to shield him from machetes as a mob cut the life out of him for criticizing Islam,” the outlet states, adding that no one on the crowded street that day made any attempt to stop the attack.

Ahmed received an award at the London Conference for Free Expression in light of her bravery, as did atheist Richard Dawkins, who recently had an event in Berkeley canceled over his criticism of Islam in particular (as opposed to all the other religions he’s slammed over the years).

“[U]nlike the Bangladeshis who simply did nothing as religious fascists murdered an atheist, the institutions of the left now actively de-platform and character assassinate critics of Islam,”’s piece reads.

This behavior from the left, of course, only contributes to the necessity of holding events like the London Conference for Free Expression at secret locations.

As puts it, “London is no longer safe for ex-Muslims, atheists or even secular Muslim believers who dare to say that Islam should not be implemented as a system of laws.”

VIDEO Panel discussion here
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Indeed, just this week, officials found a teen girl’s body stuffed into a freezer – the victim of an honor killing at the hands of her family who, as Indian Muslims, did not approve of her “liberal” choice to date a boy from an Arab Muslim family.

Earlier this month, police at Newcastle University came under fire for allegedly threatening a girl with a withdrawal of their offer of admission to her over a tweet she wrote critical of Islam’s consistent ties to terror.

And then there have been the many terror attacks against “infidels” in London and surrounding areas this year, along with statistics stating that a whopping two thirds of British Muslims would not report a terror plot within their community.

Of course, instead of criticizing the Muslim slum his city – and, to a large degree, country – has turned into, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is himself a Muslim, has repeatedly attacked U.S. President Donald Trump instead for perceived Islamophobia.

Video here
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London : Is London a safe city?