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Don’t label me...

Saturday 30 September 2017, by siawi3



19th September 2017

by Hanain B

Don’t label me by my race;

my olive-beige skin only goes so deep.

The features painted on my face

simply frame my expressions and the words I speak.

Don’t label me by my heritage;

a history lesson of my ancestors’ past.

Their lives and stories all worth homage,

but their identity does not fit my cast.

Don’t label me by my nationality;

those fond childhood memories and a passport

do not anchor my heart with the gravity

of a stationary ship docked at its port.

Don’t label me with a place

too foreign for my hybrid heart,

which stamp her chambers and erase

her cultural mosaic, broken; a bleeding art.

Hanain B:
Cultural hybrid, living in the UK, doing a PhD in Applied Linguistics at Newcastle University.