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India: United against Hate

Tuesday 10 October 2017, by siawi3


#United Against Hate Campaign in Delhi


Today #UnitedAgainstHate held a public meeting against communal fascism, hate mongering and mob lynching in Triokpuri. The meeting was addressed by local activists and journalists as well as Prof. Ratan Lal, Mohit K Pandey, Pradeep Narwal, Kiran Shaheen, नवेद चौधरी, Nadeem Khan, Khalid Saifi and Umar Khalid. The meeting was very very crucial because for the first time we ventured into a communally ’sensitive’ area which has witnessed orchestrated communal attacks, just three years back, right after the Modi government came to power. The RSS is very active in this region and constantly tries to stoke communal tension. That way this meeting was extremely significant.

In the last two meetings of #UnitedAgainstHate in Aram Park and Babarpur, the participation of masses crossed thousand. The Trilokpuri meeting was smaller than that, but in my opinion this was much more crucial and necessary.

The people who came stayed put. The police was missing right from the beginning, although they knew fully well that this is a comunally tense area. But what else do you expect from the abetters and aids of rioters after all? We frankly don’t expect the police to protect us from anything.

It is afterall our resilience, courage to stand up and speak truth to power and relentless figt against fascism, that will defeat these hate mongering murderous bandwagon.

Today’s meeting was definitely a bold step in that direction. When the mainstream political parties are maintaining a calculated silence on the fascist assaults, the politically conscious and conscientious citizens come out and hit the streets to fortify resistance and dissent alike. These meetings outside the demarcated protest zones and in various residential areas will continue in the days to come too. Stay tuned.

More power to the vibrant and expanding team of #UnitedAgainstHate.