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USA - Israel : Tell Trump NO !


Friday 8 December 2017, by siawi3

Source: Jewish Voices for Peace, 8.12.17

Jerusalem catastrophe

Tell Trump NO !

President Trump just declared that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and will move forward with plans to move the U.S. embassy there.

I have faith that one day, we’ll be strong enough to bend U.S. foreign policy toward justice— but this is really going to test it.

Because this is a reckless, deeply irresponsible decision: for Palestinians, Israelis, and all of us. And it’s on us to stand up.

Click here to tell your Congressperson: recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is wrong.

In addition to the dangers this move poses for the region and geopolitical stability, it’s just flat out wrong. What we need is a U.S. policy that recognizes and addresses the root causes of the ongoing crisis in Israel/Palestine, not one that drastically inflames already existing inequities. Because what’s happening today is an expression of these larger truths:

That throughout the last 50 years of occupation, successive Israeli governments have stripped Palestinian Jerusalemites of residency rights, citizenship, and access to any type of democratic government. Just in 2016, Israeli authorities demolished or seized 1,093 Palestinian-owned structures1 in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and 2017 is on track to exceed that number.
That even for the state of Israel to be created in the first place, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were violently expelled from their homes.
And that for decades, the U.S. has been a one-sided champion for the Israeli government, never an impartial, honest, or productive peace broker.

Trump’s announcement today is especially an example of that final truth. It is a cynical— and ill-advised— chess move, one that overtly aligns the U.S. with an increasingly expansionist Israel, at the expense of Palestinian people’s lives and rights, and without any regard for diplomacy.

Click here to tell your Congressperson: recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is an attack on Palestinian rights, and dangerous for all the people of Jerusalem and Israel/Palestine. Please make a bold statement against it.

I don’t want to sound alarmist, but I’m alarmed.

No country in the world has an embassy in Jerusalem today, because the international community doesn’t recognize Israeli jurisdiction over the city. And there’s near-global consensus that moving the Embassy is a very bad idea — from Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and other countries in the region, and from Germany, France, and the European Union, not to mention many senior U.S. State Department officials.

There’s a reason the status of Jerusalem hasn’t been determined yet— it’s at the core of the struggle against permanent Israeli domination and Palestinian dispossession.

But the truth is, most Americans don’t have the same sinking feeling in their stomach today that I do, because so many people either don’t know this is happening, or aren’t involved in the conversation about why it matters so much. And we have to take the initiative and start conversations not just about what happened today, but what’s been happening for the last 70 years, and more.

If you agree, click here and tell your Congressperson to do everything in their power to reverse Trump’s decision.

This isn’t really about moving a building. It’s about U.S. policy moving from bad to worse. But Palestinians have been fighting for equality and justice for 70 years and longer without giving up, and we’re not going to give up now either.


Rabbi Alissa Wise
Deputy Director,
Jewish Voice for Peace




Tell your Congressperson: moving the U.S. Embassy is dangerous for the people of Jerusalem
Trump announced that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and move the U.S. embassy there.

If the U.S. Embassy is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem it will:

Cement Israel’s control over the city, denying political rights to Palestinian residents guaranteed by international law.

Grant official U.S. recognition to Israel’s unilateral annexation of the city in violation of international law.

Give a green light to longstanding Israeli government policies aimed at displacing Palestinian Jerusalemites from the city.

Embolden the extremist pro-annexation right in Israel, who seek full Israeli sovereignty over all of the land and denial of Palestinians rights.
Tell your Congressperson to Stand for Peace: Don’t Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem



IfNotNow is mobilizing across the country to respond to this dangerous announcement that immediately puts Israeli and Palestinian lives in danger, not to mention further entrenches Israel’s 50 year-long military occupation.

Chicago >>

Bay Area >>

LA >>

DC >>

Boston >>

And more coming.

We are also circulating this call-to-action for the Jewish community (where the establishment is already coming out in favor of this action — ADL and AIPAC) >> American Jews Say No to Trump’s Embassy Move: We need a #Jerusalem4All.

Any help you could provide in circulating Facebook events and our call-to-action would be appreciated!




American Jews Say No to Trump’s Embassy Move: We need a #Jerusalem4All.

On Wednesday, Dec 6th, President Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is the first step in a process that will move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Trump’s move plays into the hands of far right extremists, both in Israel and the United States, who support the indefinite and violent occupation of millions of Palestinians.

American Jews refuse to be pawns in Trump’s dangerous foreign policy game, and we oppose this cruel provocation that will feed anger and unrest and put thousands of Israelis and Palestinians in danger.

Jerusalem is a holy city that represents the brightest future imaginable to many. It is a city where the three Abrahamic faiths have peacefully coexisted at many moments in history. But right now, Jerusalem is a city of violence and pain as some of the most extreme elements of Israeli society take over.

American Jews oppose Trump’s reckless decision and believe in a #Jerusalem4All — one where Palestinians, Israelis, and people from faiths across the world feel at home.

Add your voice now to #StopTheMove and show that American Jews stand for a #Jerusalem4All.


New Israel Fund: Trump’s Embassy Move “Dangerous, Reckless, and Irresponsible”

Today, in response to reports that President Donald Trump will begin the process to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, Daniel Sokatch, CEO of the New Israel Fund, released the following statement:

“Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem at this time is a symbolic move that helps no one except hardliners. It would be a dangerous, reckless, and irresponsible move by a dangerous, reckless, and irresponsible American president, and Palestinians and Israelis will be the ones to pay the price.”We, along with Israeli custom and law relate to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – but international recognition of Jerusalem’s status has always hinged on a successful resolution to the conflict, as part of a negotiated, final status peace agreement. Doing so outside of that context severely damages prospects for a negotiated peace agreement.

“President Trump may not understand what’s at stake here, but we do. Moving the embassy risks igniting the tinderbox of anger, frustration, and hopelessness that already exists in Jerusalem. Fifty years of occupation, a string of failed peace negotiations since Oslo, and no resolution in sight has created a delicate balance for people on-the-ground and throwing that balance off with this unilateral gesture could have grave consequences.”As NIF president Talia Sasson wrote earlier this year, “If the United States is not prepared to condemn the continued Israeli construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which with every passing day further repels peace from our region, the least it can do is prevent the tragic conflagration that would consume our region with the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem.”