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India: Is Hindu Rashtra already here?

Sunday 17 December 2017, by siawi3


Is Hindu Rashtra already here?

Rakesh Sharma

Photo: Saffron flag unfurled atop the district sessions court.. Supporters of the the Rajsamand Lynching accused march through town, demanding his release, as the state police finds itself unable to control them.

An innocent man was hacked & burnt alive on camera. A Hate Crime that should have shaken up the conscience of this country. A case fit enough for suo moto intervention by the Supreme Court of India. A story that should have dominated the media landscape for days and weeks. A blot on our democracy that should’ve shamed our IAS & IPS officers and galvanised them into action. Finally.

Now, it doesn’t just stop at the complicity of silence. People are crowdfunding Hate, sending contributions from all parts of India for the brutal killer, in support of his hateful rants. They are marching and ‘capturing/ claiming’ the Court, daring the Judiciary, challenging its supremacy.

Is this the country you want your children to inherit?

PS In other news, carol singers were attacked by those who don’t like carols. Their car was burnt while it was parked inside the police station.
A corporator angered fellow corporators by taking the oath of office in Urdu, one of the state’s official languages. They assaulted him. The victim has been charged with hurting religious sentiments.