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Coming out as gay in India


Thursday 18 January 2018, by siawi3


Coming out as gay in India: This might be the most devastatingly honest account you will watch

“I stand here proudly and say I’m a Malayali gay individual.”

by Scroll Staff

Published Yesterday 16.01.18 · 08:30 am

Video here 7:55

Jijo Kuriakose’s story is both typical and unique. He did not discover till he was 21 that he is gay.

His initial inclination was to bond with many others like him who were still in the closet. Coming out was not a considered option – till he met a number of people who had. The journey that began diffidently has now culminated in the founding of Queerala, a support organisation for LGBTQ people from Kerala in particular.

In the video above, produced by Josh Talks, Kuriakose recounts his journey with an unsentimental honesty that reveals, over and over, how social structures and practices are stacked against LGBTQ people. It is a journey that can inspire many to come out and others to support those who do.