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UK: Tell Commonwealth leaders to STOP persecuting LGBTs

Vigil THIS THURSDAY 19 April 1-2pm

Monday 16 April 2018, by siawi3

Source: The Peter Tatchell Foundation, April 16, 2018

Tell Commonwealth leaders to STOP persecuting LGBTs

19 April 1-2pm

Commonwealth HQ, Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HX.


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You can also email our Communications Manager Simon Harris for more details.

70% of Commonwealth nations are bastions of homophobic prejudice, discrimination & violence.

What are Commonwealth leaders doing about it?

They are blocking LGBT+ rights from the Commonwealth summit agenda this week. Tell them it’s time to STOP blocking debate and STOP persecuting LGBT+ people.


We are demanding the decriminalisation of same-sex acts in the 36 Commonwealth countries that outlaw LGBT+ people, protection for LGBTs against discrimination & hate crime and for all governments to dialogue with their LGBT+ communities.

The vigil takes place when the Commonwealth summit is in progress in London & when LGBT+ delegates from across the Commonwealth are in London.

The 19 April vigil is supported by:
The Commonwealth Equality Network, Kaleidoscope Trust, Peter Tatchell Foundation, UK Black Pride, African Equality Foundation, Equality Network, African Rainbow Family, Movement for Justice, House of Rainbow, Out & Proud African LGBTI, Micro Rainbow, Africa Advocacy Foundation, Rainbow Across Borders, African Eye Trust, Manchester Migrant Solidarity

Spread the word and join us!