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Germany: Berlin - Scholars at Risk global congress

Universities and Democracy

Monday 23 April 2018, by siawi3


Full Programme of scholars at Risk global congress 2018 here

Universities and Democracy

23-26 April 2018 Berlin

The Scholars at Risk Network 2018 Global Congress, The University and the Future of Democracy, is a joint venture of Scholars at Risk, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation—whose Philipp Schwartz Initiative (PSI) has provided research fellowships for over 120 at-risk scholars at German institutions since 2015 and which hosts the secretariat of the SAR-Germany Section—as well as long-time SAR member Freie Universität Berlin.

The biennial Global Congress links SAR network members, partners and
friends to share experience and set SAR’s protection and advocacy agenda
for years to come. The 2018 Global Congress is held in the center of Europe at a time of historic challenges not only to higher education, but to
liberal democratic society in general.
These include the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and beyond; the
resulting refugee crises; the resurgence of populism, authoritarianism and
ethnic nationalism; and related attacks on higher education ranging from the targeted pressures on Central European University to the firing of over 5,800 academics in Turkey, to travel restrictions and widely-publicized unrest on U.S. campuses.
The theme, The University and the Future of Democracy, reflects that
democratic values themselves are under pressure. It also indicates that even more so, the university in the sense of the scholarly community as a whole,
has a role—a responsibility—to develop, explain, and defend these values.
We, the organizers, thank you and all the participants in the Global Congress
for embracing this responsibility by sharing your time, expertise, experience, and critical insights.
We look forward to interesting, informative and inspiring discussions together in Berlin, and to continuing our work together to protect scholars
and promote academic freedom for years to come.