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India: Eight-year-old madrasa student lynched in South Delhi; students complain of regular abuse by locals

Friday 26 October 2018, by siawi3


Eight-year-old madrasa student lynched in South Delhi; students complain of regular abuse by locals

October 26, 2018

Photo: Mohammed Azeem, the 8 year old who was lynched yesterday

By Nikhat Fatima,

Oct 25, New Delhi: In another ghastly incident of hate crime in India against minorities, four boys residing near a madrasa in Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Delhi beat an 8-year-old boy named Mohammed Azeem who was a native of Mewat, Haryana to death on Thursday.

Azeem and a few other boys of the same age were playing outside as they had a holiday in the madrasa they were studying when four youngsters came on a bike and started abusing and hitting the boys. They hurled Azeem towards a bike due to which he sustained a serious injury and fell unconscious. When the elders from the madrasa took him to the hospital the doctor declared him dead.

The madrasa is being run from 1988 in Malviya Nagar by Maulana Md Ali Zahur. But from the last couple of years, there have been suffering daily instances of non-Muslim Shivalik residents showing their intense dislike towards the running of the madrasa. The Maulana who is the principal of the madrasa in a video interview with Nadeem Khan, an activist from United against Hate campaign, said, “the people have been throwing empty liquor bottles in the premises of madrasa…they usher in pigs in the madrasa compound, tease and bully the boys who go outside, play cricket right in front of the madrasa, burst crackers and create disturbances especially during the time of Namaz.”

He also said it is never the elders but always adolescent boys who carry out these hate-filled activities on the encouragement of their elders. The reason being that police will not take action against juveniles.

The madrasa staff have been complaining over the phone to the police who come sometimes, talk to the boys and after some counselling leave. The police have never taken it seriously taking these activities as pranks by youngsters.

But on October 25, the so-called pranks reached another level when Azeem collapsed and later succumbed to the injuries.

The madrasa staff caught two of the boys when other boys came complaining. Later, a woman who is one among the several adults of the community that have been at the helm, threatened the madrasa people saying that this was only the beginning and took away the boys by force.

Nadeem Khan, when contacted by, said, “Last night the police came and arrested the 4 juveniles and took them to the police station. In the beginning, the police did not charge the boys under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) but finally did so upon insistence. This is clearly a hate crime. And the teenage boys are being used by the adults of the community as political tools.”

Khan, who was with the madrasa people till late night supporting them said, “The madrasa people should have demanded strict action from the police right from the beginning when liquor bottles were being thrown and the boys who went out on errands used to get bullied and beaten; then maybe today Azeem would not have been killed. It is indeed very disturbing that a small boy should be targeted.”
one of the inmates of the Madarsa

Another person who resides in the same locality close to the madrasa, Shahid Choudhry, spoke to, “We have been seeing the misbehaviour of the boys from long and have tried to resolve the matter. But they refuse to listen to us. We have given written complaints also on some occasions apart from informing over the phone and updating the police on the activities. They are daily occurrences. Every day at least one boy from the madrasa gets beaten. The older boys from the Non-Muslim community come and sit on the ‘chabutra’ of the madrasa smoking ganja and creating a ruckus. The police, whenever they came, counselled the boys and went away. “

He further said, “ We do not want fights here. Fights are not going to resolve anything. We want the police to take action against the elders who have been instigating these boys to be punished. We have named the most active ones in our written complaint. One person named Bunty even came up to us and said, “Do what you will, you cannot scare us.”

The Maulana who runs the madrasa, however, feels the real motive is the land on which the madrasa runs. “They want the madrasa to be shut down so they can grab the land’, he said in the video clip released by Nadeem Khan on Facebook.