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Algeria: A call to the People of Algeria, by Barakat Movement

Thursday 6 March 2014, by siawi3

Barakat (Enough!) Movement

A call to the People of Algeria

Algiers, March 3, 2014

Given the dangerous situation in which our country finds itself more than
fifty years after independence,

Given the blockage of national institutions, the legal and constitutional
violations, the attacks on the liberty and sovereignty of the people who
find themselves prevented from exercising their rights,

Given the stagnation that our country is now experiencing in the political,
economic and social spheres, as well as the disturbances that are rocking
all the *wilayas* (provinces) to the point of actually putting national
sovereignty in danger, and even threatening territorial integrity,

Given the unresponsiveness of the regime, the deadlock in the political
sphere and the rejection of all agreed solutions for resolving the multiple
crises that Algeria has suffered since independence, all of which have
thrown the country into chaos and anarchy,

The BARAKAT (Enough!) movement - which defines itself as a peaceful,
autonomous citizen movement - calls on the Algerian people and all of its
constituencies, to rally to its cause and to support it in the elaboration
of a comprehensive and peaceful political solution. This solution should
establish the rule of law in Algeria, give citizens back their dignity and
restore democratic legitimacy to the people themselves.



Algiers, Algeria March 3, 2014

Translated from French by Karima Bennoune

Translation into English of the original Appeal, article 7089, on siawi.