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Algeria: Barakat Movement Manifesto

Thursday 13 March 2014, by siawi3

Source: Barakat Movement, March 9, 2014


Barakat Movement!

Barakat! (Enough!)

Enough of this system, and its men, its practices and methods!

The Barakat! Movement is a peaceful, national citizen movement that is autonomous and non-partisan, and that campaigns for the establishment of democracy, and of a state subject to the rule of law and justice in Algeria.

The Barakat! Movement was launched in Algiers on March 1, 2014 by a group of citizens who are concerned about securing the future of their country, and are aware of the grave multidimensional crisis that it is experiencing, a crisis which is fraught with many dangers.

The Barakat! Movement is the result of a collective awakening, and aims to give Algerian citizens back their dignity, which includes the right to political participation of female and male citizens, respect for the right to freedom of conscience and of expression, the right to meet and to demonstrate, the establishment of social justice, and the guarantee of a just division of the country’s wealth.

The Barakat! Movement says barakat (enough!) to la hogra [the contempt of officials for ordinary people], barakat to generalized corruption, barakat to the methods and practices of the system, barakat to the repressive methods of the regime, barakat to the 4th term [for Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika], barakat to rigged elections, barakat to the marginalization of youth, barakat to 52 years of confiscating the will of the people, barakat to the forfeiture and falsification of history, barakat to greed and waste and to the instrumentalization of the values and steadfastness of the Algerian nation.

The Barakat! Movement aims to be a source of ideas and action related to a peaceful, civilian, consensual political solution to the structural crisis, a crisis that has been caused by the outdated political system. The movement’s working methods are peaceful demonstrations, rational argument, and serious, constructive dialogue with all political actors - wherever they may be - who share the same vision of society, and who work toward the realization of this vision. They must also reject any resort to violence, as the Barakat Movement does.

Committed to the republican character of our state, and as a defender of our country’s democratic and modernist project, the Barakat! Movement is a national framework for mobilization and organization that springs from our people’s legitimate aspirations for change. It advocates for the values of citizenship, tolerance, dialogue, peace and universally recognized human rights.

Our movement was born in a context dominated by those who seek to impose the continuation of an outmoded regime as the only possible alternative, and intend to whitewash it through an electoral process that has reached its limits. The Barakat! Movement refuses to adhere to this suicidal logic and rejects the 4th presidential term, as well as the presidential election planned for April 17 which is yet another insult to citizens. For the Barakat! Movement, these elections cannot be a fitting response to the aspirations of the people, and cannot, in any case, be the solution to the chronic crises that Algeria has experienced since 1962.

The Barakat Movement proposes the establishment of a transitional period led by all the uncorrupted and positive forces of the nation, with the objective of establishing a 2nd Republic and putting an end to 52 years of marginalization of the Algerian people.

The Barakat! Movement calls for the establishment of a truly modern state governed by the rule of law and endowed with a constitution founded on the positive values of the society and the universal principles of freedom, and set in a democratic framework. This constitution should enshrine respect for citizenship and the Algerian identity in all its cultural, linguistic and civilizational diversity, and should guarantee all individual and collective freedoms, including substantive equality between women and men, a civilian rule of law based on social justice, tolerance, and the spirit of living together in harmony. The constitution should also ensure the absolute separation of legislative, executive and judicial power.

The Barakat! movement defines itself as a unifying framework that aims to bring together all the voices which express the legitimate demands and struggles of the Algerian people for a peaceful change in the current system.

Yes to a democratic, sovereign state! Yes to a modern and citizen-oriented Algeria! Long live a free and democratic Algeria!

Barakat! Movement

Algiers, March 9, 2014

Translated from French by Friends of Barakat.

Arabic, French and Tamazight versions are available on the website of the Barakat Movement: