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An Average Terror Sunday (Today, Ivory Coast)

Monday 14 March 2016, by siawi3


An Average Terror Sunday
Few days go by without attacks on innocents somewhere in the world.

Photo: Soldiers stand guard on the beach after an attack in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast,

March 13, 2016 6:47 p.m. ET

Few days go by now without at least one mass-casualty terrorist attack somewhere in the world. Two such attacks on Sunday, in the Ivory Coast and Turkey, killed 39 people combined.

On Sunday afternoon gunmen raided Grand Bassam, a resort town in the Ivory Coast popular with wealthy locals and Westerners. The assault followed the template of other recent Islamist attacks in the region, with gunmen spraying fire at vacationers on the beach.

At least 12 people were murdered in Grand Bassam, at least one a French citizen, before security forces killed six terrorists and stopped the attack, according to the Ivorian government. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claimed responsibility for the attack.

Left unchecked in the Middle East, al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) have expanded into Africa. An Islamist crescent stretches from the Horn of Africa to West Africa, and to compete for recruits Africa’s al Qaeda and ISIS affiliates are racing to out-do each other in savagery.

Meanwhile, a car bomb also ripped through a busy shopping area in Ankara, killing at least 27 and maiming 75. This is the fourth such bombing in Turkey since October. A similar blast in Ankara last month killed 29, mostly Turkish military personnel. The Turkish government blamed Kurdish militants for the February bombing but has attributed most of the previous attacks to Islamic State.

Welcome to what is becoming the new global terrorist normal.