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Serbia: The award for the crimes - a humiliation for victims

Saturday 2 April 2016, by siawi3

Source: Women In Black - Belgrade, April Ist 2016

The award for the crimes - a humiliation for victims

On the occasion of the acquittal of Vojislav Seselj

The ICTY chamber chaired by Judge Antonetti verdict of March 31st 2016 which freed from all charges of war crimes one of the greatest symbols of the policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide in the former Yugoslavia Vojislav Seselj is a scandal without precedent.

The trial chamber completely lost sight of the systematic intimidation which prosecution witnesses were subjected to for years, however - instead of taking into account their original testimonies – Judges gave faith to their testimonies during the hearing itself. It is known that witnesess were under pressure and threats, and due to those circumstances denied their original statements that were clearly indicate the direct responsibility of the accused Seselj for a number of the most serious war crimes committed against civilians. And more than that: unable to refute the veracity of Seselj’s public references to ethnic cleansing and other crimes, Antonettis Chamber declared it “motivational speeches, of mobilization character.” If such a cynical interpretation becomes a standard of justice - it never and nowhere, no warmonger will be held accountable for their words which his followers made to become reality.

With this verdict, the victims of a Seselj’s criminal idea of a “Greater Serbia” are deeply humiliated. The Chamber of the ICTY chaired by Antonetti shamelessly spit in the face of the idea of justice and the principle of culpability for crimes, aggressive war and ethnic cleansing were declared legitimate forms of behavior.

Only urgent revision of this scandalous verdict on appeal, can remove the shame inflicted on the idea of justice, as well as additional pain, applied to victims and their families, who were killed in the raids of notorious “Seselj’s Chetniks.”

We are witnessing today, as well as in the nineties, Vojislav Seselj in Serbia is a person who is above the law. Since his release, he committed several criminal offenses, threats, physical assaults, burning flags. The offenses exercised before the eyes of the police. We demand from the government of the Republic of Serbia to immediately start to implement the laws of this state.

Women in Black

Belgrade, March 31st, 2016