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Turkey: When ’science’ falls into the hands of Islamists

Thursday 29 September 2016, by siawi3


Barry Duke,

Mon 15 Feb 2016

Certainly not! Monkeys evolved from ‘Jews cursed by Allah’.

As everyone biblical scholar knows, God made land animals on Day Six of Creation. This would have been on a Friday in October 4004 BCE if we are to believe seventeenth-century Irish bishop, James Ussher.

But now a Turkish journalist Seyfi Sahin, understood to be “a physician†, has rubbished that notion by claiming in the radical Islamist Turkish daily Vahdet that, in actual fact, monkeys evolved from perverted Jews whom Allah cursed and punished.

Attacking “the Jew†Darwin’s theory of evolution, the numbskull said that evolution contradicts Allah’s word in the Koran.

Sahin goes on to argue that Jews “terrorise the world of science†and, as a Jew, Darwin concocted his theory of evolution in order to turn Muslims away from their religion.

The aim of [Darwin’s] theory is to turn the non-Jews away from their religion, to harm their faith, and to make them suspicious about their religion. Darwin, being a Jew, believed, lived, and was buried according to his religion. His real targets were the Muslims.

Sahin explains that the chromosomal anomalies between monkeys and humans prove:

That humans are not derived from monkeys, but that monkeys come from humans. There are many factors in the creation of such anomalies, among them divine, environmental, and chemical.

Sahin quotes four Koranic passages as evidence that monkeys are derived from Jews, including the verse:

Whomever Allah has cursed and punished, and those he turned into monkeys, pigs, and Satan worshipers, occupy the worst place [in his eyes], and they are perverts that have deviated from their path.

He asserts that Jewish control over the “world’s financial and scientific institutions is so powerful that they terrorize the world of science†and have successfully brainwashed even experts into believing Darwin’s “deception as scientific reality.â€

I believe that the gorillas and chimps living today in the forests of North Africa are cursed Jews. They are perverted humans that have mutated.

He adds that since Muslims do not have the same control over the media, banks, and scientific institutions as Jews do, they have not been able to:

Scream this truth. But we have our intellect, we have our faith, and we have our Allah.