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Pakistan: Ongoing worldwide protests against “missing†bloggers

Monday 16 January 2017, by siawi3


Ongoing worldwide protests against “missing†bloggers
Posted on January 15, 2017

by beena sarwar

Lahore protest. Photo: Khalid Mahmood

January 15, 2017 marks just over two weeks since the professor, poet and activist Salman Haider was abducted from Islamabad, followed soon after by more such “disappearances†. Human rights activists around the world are demanding that Pakistan produce the missing bloggers and end the climate of fear being created. Disappearing activists is not a new tactic, as Pervez Hoodbhoy reminds us – been happening with alarming regularity in Balochistan. But these abductions happened in Punjab. Meanwhile, the propaganda machinery of the dirty tricks brigade (#DTBPk) is out in full force painting as ‘blasphemers’ and ‘traitors’ the missing bloggers and those supporting them – which in the context of Pakistan is a clear incitement to violence and vigilante action.

Below: photographs from some of the protests – Peshawar, Toba Tek Singh, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Dallas TX and London, England.

Lahore photos by Khalid Mahmood. Toba Tek Singh pix via Farooq Tariq. Peshawar photos from Khurshid Bano and Shahida Shah. Karachi and London pix via Aabida Ali. Dallas pix via Afia Salam, Islamabad pix via Abdullah Dayo.

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