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Radical Islamic Ideology Vs Secular bloggers in Bangladesh

Monday 6 February 2017, by siawi3



Abu Sadat Mohammad Masum Billah

Radical Islamic Ideology is at its extreme level in Bangladesh at present. History says, Bangladesh have never escaped radical islamic ideology since the independence of the country. On the other hand, real freethinkers in Bangladesh has always suffered to establish the secular ideology over the decades. Bangladesh has never been successful to establish itself as secular country; rather secular minded people in Bangladesh have sacrificed always. What the governments in Bangladesh should have done, is actually taken over by group of secular minded individual in the society.

By the wake of internet culture in Bangladesh, people have got used to access internet; though it is still in very early stage. But young generation specially the bloggers have played a vital role to fight the extremism in Bangladesh over the years. I don’t have to tell how bloggers, like us, have been murdered to express their minds online.

I don’t think anyone will argue that Bangladeshi government is also against the bloggers. They have passed laws to stop the bloggers, arrested the bloggers and also kept quiet while bloggers are murdered by radical Islamic groups all over the country. International communities have also expressed their highest concern over these murders and attacks on secular bloggers; but government has done nothing on that. The extreme terror situation now is nothing but the result of government’s silence.

Journalists have already raised questions on the Gulshan attack and police raid in Kalyanpur. It is questioned that both these events may have been staged; specially police raid in Kalyanpur. I don’t want to repeat the questions raised. If anyone interested can search in youtube or google it. Government is again trying to bypass the terrorist concerns in the country.

Most importantly, radical Islamic ideology which has been growing and encouraged in Bangladesh is a great concern. Bangladesh is a radical Islamic ideological society, no doubt about that. Most shocking part is, government is also part of it. They are scared of doing anything against it. Government must remove the religion Islam as the state religion. They should stop religious studies taught in schools. Because, it is seen that private universities and schools are also failing to practice the non-radicalize views; which is alarming.

Islamic radical ideology has been spread all over the country and specially on young generation. Secular bloggers have hide themselves and fleeing persecution. Some of the bloggers have self censored their writings to not to be targeted by government and radical groups.

Islamic radical ideology is on the rise and secularism is failing in Bangladesh. The tide of social practice is changing and lifestyle is diverted recently. There is a huge difference between past and present. Both Europole report and US report on Bangladesh show that there is lots of serious factors to think about the rise in international Islamic terrorist presence in Bangladesh. Future is going to be very different which we can’t even imagine. Ansarullah Bangla team, JMB, Hijbut Tahrir have changed their names and have grouped together to establish terrorism in the name of ISIS. They are funded by international terrorist organisations. If you believe that Bangladeshis have not joined ISIS, then please search in youtube, you will find their statements which show what is coming in Bangladesh. More effective opposition required now to fight radical Islamic ideology in Bangladesh.