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The Hindu right from Nepal and India

Fundamentalists demand that Nepal be declared a Hindu State

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Wednesday 28 March 2007

Hindustan Times


by Rajesh Kumar Singh
Gorakhpur, December 23, 2006

THE HINDU religious leaders (Dharmacharyas) on Saturday called for declaration of Nepal as Hindu state and restoration of monarchy there.
The Hindu religious leaders were here to participate in the Vishwa Hindu Mahasammelan (VHM) that began yesterday. They said sants would take initiative to establish Hinduism in Nepal.

They criticised the Indian Government stand on Nepal and said no political party was taking Maoists’ activities seriously.

Shankaracharya of Goverdhan Peeth, Puri Swami Nishchalanand Saraswati said the saints would have to work to control the religious and political system in Nepal. “Today we should take vow to work till Hindu Kingdom status is restored in Nepal,” he said.

As the political system failed to protect Hinduism in Nepal, it was the duty of sants to provide guidance to the citizens of Nepal. “We are not against formation of democratic government in Nepal, still Constitutional monarchy could be restored as is the practice in several Christian, Islamic and Buddhist countries,” Nischalanand said.

Over 500 delegates from Nepal are taking part in the VHM. They drew the attention of the ‘Dharmacharyas’ towards the pathetic condition of the Hindus in Nepal yesterday. They said ISI of Pakistan was spreading its network in Nepal to create disturbance in India.

Former Union minister Chinmayanand said the BJP national executive should make its stand clear on Nepal.

VHM national president and BJP MP Yogi Adityanath said the movement launched by the Hindu sants was high-jacked by political parties to serve their vested interests. He said Dharmacharyas launched a movement on migration of Hindus from Jammu and Kashmir, terror attack on Hindu temples and attack on Amarnath yatra.

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united we blog


24 12 2006

The Hindu fundamentalists of India have demanded that Nepal be declare a Hindu State and its constitutional monarchy restored. Speaking at the Vishwa Hindu Mahasammelan (VHM) in Gorakhapur, India on Saturday (Dec 23), the Dharmacharyas (religious leaders) called for declaration of Nepal as Hindu state and restoration of monarchy there, according to the reports by The Hindustan Times. Here is more from HT by Rajesh Kumar Singh:
Criticising the declaration of Nepal as a secular country by seven-party interim government, Adityanath said that it should again be declared as a Hindu country and monarchy should be restored there. He called upon the saints to take an initiative for the liberation of Nepal from the clutches of Maoists. He said that the [Indian] government should impose a total ban on cow slaughter.

Hindutva remained at the top of the agenda as the participants discussed various issues related to the Hindu community. Over 500 delegates from Nepal participated in today’s meeting. They expressed concern over Maoists strengthening their hold over Nepal politics. Terming the new government as anti Hindu, they said Nepal was and would remain a Hindu country.
National president of VHM General Bharat Keshar Singh, chief of Nepal Shiv Sena Arun Subedi, former minister of Nepal Bhola Nath Jha, Swami Prapannacharya and former MP Padm Bahadur Kota also spoke on the occasion. They were unanimous in saying that anti-Hindu activities had escalated in Nepal since Maoists had tightened their grip on power. ISI and Christian missionaries have also spread their tentacles, they pointed out and added that the Hindu majority in Nepal was looking towards India for assistance.

Adityanath said Hindu organisations in India would organise yatras, congregations and joint feasts with Hindus in Nepal for restoration of the Himalayan kingdom as a Hindu country.