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Lahore, Pakistan: Activist Raza Khan ‘goes missing’

Monday 11 December 2017, by siawi3


Lahore, Pakistan: Activist Raza Khan ‘goes missing’

Tuesday 5 December 2017

by Daily Times (Pakistan)

LAHORE: Raza Khan, a progressive activist, has been missing from his home since Sunday.

He was last seen reportedly on Saturday at a public discussion on the rise of religious extremism in the country.

According to Raza’s fellow activist Raheem-ul-Haque’s public post on Facebook, Raza was also working for the establishment of peaceful relations between Pakistan and India.

“A peace lover but also a critical thinker, Raza is truly a special person, the Pakistan convener of Aghaz-e-Dosti, a Pakistan-India citizen peace initiative which brings together children through letter exchange and peace art. He is at the forefront of Low-key Lokai, an initiative to create progressive space. He is also a member of the Awami Art Collective. Our association goes back to the days of the lawyers movement in which he was also jailed,†Haque has said.

He has also said that he and others have looked for Raza in local hospitals and checked with Rescue 1122 as well.

“We have checked 1122 and hospitals; we have checked his home; his brother has filed an application in the police; we hope and pray that he is safe and whoever has abducted him understands that he represents love, peace and justice. Is that too much to ask?†.

Daily Times tried contacting the Naseerabad police station house officer but he was not available for comment on the status of the FIR.

Web Desk, Daily Times

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