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Fresh threat against Taslima Nasreen

Saturday 6 October 2007

KOLKATA: Clerics of the Tippu Sultan Masjid — amongst the oldest mosques in the city — repeated here on Friday their demand for the deportation of Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin who has been residing here. They threatened to take it upon themselves to do so if the State government authorities failed to respond to their call.

They had issued a similar threat in August and given the State government a deadline of a month to arrange for the deportation of Ms. Nasrin for allegedly hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community through her writings.

“The deadline has run out but we have not taken any action as it is the month of Ramzan. Once the coming Id and Puja festivals are over later this month, our volunteers will go to Rawdon Street [where Ms. Nasrin is put up], and take her to Bangladesh,” Shahi Imam of the Masjid, Mohd Nurur Rehman Barkati, told The Hindu.

“I said the same to a large congregation of worshippers who had gathered outside the mosque earlier in the day,” the Imam said.

Describing the development as “unfortunate” Ms. Nasrin, who is being provided additional security by the State government since her return from Hyderabad where she was attacked by a group of demonstrators at a function in August, said that she continued “to be grateful to large sections of the Muslim community for their continued support to her.”

“I am also thankful to the government of India for providing an exiled and persecuted writer like me shelter in this country which I have adopted as my home,” she said.

[Source: The Hindu, October 06, 2007]