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Iraq: The Platform for Women Held Captive by Force

Thursday 29 November 2018, by siawi3


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Urgent Action Fund

Listen to Faika

An activist with the Platform for Women Held Captive by Force.

Beginning in August 2014, ISIS invaded Southern Iraq and massacred Yazidi, Assyrian, Turcoman, Shia Shabak, and Arab populations. Yazidi women, in particular, are systematically targeted by ISIS as “sabaya” - sex slaves.

Faika, along with a collective of lawyers and psychologists from Kurdistan, Turkey, and Cyprus are documenting the experiences of Yazidi and Kurdish women escaping ISIS enslavement.

Their goal: define their own liberation + prosecute ISIS.

Video here 1:21

Faika Deniz Pasha

Urgent Action Fund supported Faika and her colleagues in collecting over 140 testimonies from Yazidi and Kurdish women that survived ISIS enslavement and torture. They are now working with other women’s coalitions to formally prosecute ISIS at the International Criminal Court.