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Islamic Certification - Food Only with ’Halal’

Wednesday 17 October 2007

From Kurir Newspaper, September 30, 2007

Novi Pazar – The President of the Mesihat, The Islamic Community in Serbia, Muamer Zukorlic, said that opening The Halal Quality Certification Agency in Novi Pazar would establish the conditions for the Islamic Community to ‘clearly say to believers which products they can use and which they can not.’
“In the future, in Mosques, we will call on believers to boycott foods and other goods that are not produced in keeping with Islamic principles and we will promote goods that have halal certifications,” said Zukorlic.

He is in the seat of the Mesihat in Novi Pazar, where, night before last, The Halal Quality Certification Agency was introduced. It will judge if foods and other goods are produced in keeping with the principles of Islamic belief. He emphasized that many firms in Serbia have an economic interests in producing according to halal standards and in exports to Islamic countries.

Prepared and translated by Rachel Long, Women in Black—Belgrade volunteer