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India: National Convention of Women

Feb 12 New Delhi

Friday 8 February 2019, by siawi3

Source: ANHAD Feb 6, 2019

National Women’s Convention

हम ही से संविधान

महिला समॠमेलन

[(Feb 12, 2019
9am to 6pm
Speakers’ Hall Annex
Constitution Club of India, New Delhi)]

OBR India in collaboration with ANHAD, MKSS, PUCL and SNS is organizing a National Women’s Convention on February 12, 2019 at the Constitution Club, New Delhi to safeguard the Indian Constitution and its values.

The Hum hi se Samvidhaan convention is aimed at uniting voices of dissent against the targeted attacks on the Constitutional rights of women in India.

The growth of fascist and neo-liberal forces in the country, and the resulting rise in violence in society, has deeply impacted the lives of women. Attacks on minorities, especially Muslims, Dalits and Christians, which have taken various forms including fake encounter killings and mob lynching by the cow vigilantes have created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity. There is a steady deterioration in the rule of law, and the basic constitutional commitment to equality.

Neo-liberal economic policies and growing crony capitalism have adversely impacted women in general, but especially those who belong to the Dalit, Adivasi and other marginalized communities. Their fragile economic base has been devastated.

The last few years, have witnessed a frontal attack on the Constitution, particularly on the freedom of expression it guarantees – the right to dress, speak, write, eat and choose – which impacts women disproportionately.

Voices of dissent have been systematically silenced. While Sudha Bhardwaj, Roma Wilson, Shoma Sen and many others are languishing in jails, women like Gauri Lankesh have had to pay with their lives for exercising their fundamental right to speech and expression.

We wish to claim our constitutional and democratic rights, including the right to equality and the right to express ourselves without encumbrance or fear. This convention is a step towards that direction. It aims to bring together women from across India to collectively strive for a more peaceful and just society.

We invite you to be co-travelers in this journey and join us in Delhi on the 12th of February.

Do Join US!