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India: ’Living with the Other’ - A Psychological Understanding

You, Me & Mental Health/ June 16, 6pm New Delhi

Friday 7 June 2019, by siawi3

Source: email ANHAD

[(You, Me & Mental Health

June 16, Saturday, 6pm
at Anhad, C5 Basement, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi-110013
Tel: 011-41670722)]

Topic: ’Living with the Other’ - A Psychological Understanding

Speaker: Muzammil Karim

Muzammil Karim is a psychotherapist and working in the area of mental health as an individual therapist, couple and family therapist since last ten years. He got his training from National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore in 2010 and started working in Delhi initially in hospitals and various organisations and later established his own private practice. He is a avid reader and advocates for better awareness of mental health and well being.

You, Me & Mental Health started as a platform in September 2018 by Anhad to provide a space for people especially youth to share their anxieties and get direct access to professionals –both psychiatrists as well as therapists, with whom they can discuss the problems faced by them.
You, Me & mental health also brings together people who have a history of mental health issue but who have over the years fought and taken professional guidance and they share their experiences with the audience to these discussions.
You, Me & Mental Health aims to create awareness of mental illness and reduce the stigma associated with it, with a particular focus on stress, anxiety and depression.