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Fighting FGM in Senegal

Saturday 18 January 2020, by siawi3


Fighting FGM in Senegal

15th January 2020

by sister-hood staff

Sister Fa is a rapper and activist on a mission to eradicate FGM from her native Senegal, where nearly a quarter of women aged 15 to 49 have fallen victim to this harmful practice.

In this short film for Al Jazeera English, Sister Fa enlists the help of local religious leaders to combat the perception that FGM is required in Islam, and educates young people on the harms it causes. She returns to her hometown in Thionk Essyl, in Southern Senegal to develop the community’s resistance to FGM, crowning her activism with a live performance in front of the whole village. ‘If I was a part of a movement that eradicates FGM in Senegal… I will not have wasted my time,’ she states, charting her progress from a survivor of FGM to a dynamic force dedicated to eradicating the practice for good in Senegal.

Video here 9:15