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Its Up To Us !

documentary film

Thursday 9 July 2020, by siawi3


Women Learning Partnership’s newest documentary It’s Up to Us is now available on our website through our online Learning Center.

It’s Up to Us explores interconnected threats to human security, including conflict, climate change, economic inequality, discriminatory family laws, and gender inequality, and offers solutions based on human rights and equitable decision-making. In this 30-minute film, women’s rights advocates share their insights into how women have been impacted by cross-cutting injustices, and how women’s leadership is critical to solving the world’s most pressing issues.

The film includes commentary from:

Mary Robinson | Former President of Ireland and Chair of the Elders
Musimbi Kanyoro | WLP Board Chair and Former CEO of Global Fund for Women
Anne Bernes | Sweden’s Ambassador for Gender Equality and Coordinator of Feminist Foreign Policy
Gay MacDougall | Professor of International Law at Fordham University
Bridget Burns | Director of Women’s Environmental and Development Organization
Lopa Banerjee | Chief of the Civil Society Section of UN Women
And many more…

It’s Up to Us will be available soon in multiple languages including Arabic, French, Persian, Portuguese, and Russian.

WATCH the film here 29:06

Watch the Full Film