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Women In Black Against War: Remembering HAGAR ROUBLEV

“May her sacred work be carried on by all of us.”

Saturday 22 August 2020, by siawi3

Source: email, women in black

August 22, 2020

On this day in the year of 2000 HAGAR ROUBLEV died, one of the great feminists peace activists and co-founder of WOMEN IN BLACK Israel.
Last time I saw her was at the Women in Black international conference in Montenegro, in 1999. She was then a first time on our Lesbian workshops, as a rather new in lesbian love life, charming, wise activists asking how to set up a revolution, as always.
We all miss her and love her.
from: lepa mladjenovic
22 augustus 2020 om 02:18:36 CEST

Here is a note from Luisa Morgantini, a co-founder of Donne in nero / Women in Black in Italy, and one of the best friends of Hagar Roublev who was with her on vacation on the Greek island when Hagar died of a heart attack.

Twenty years ago today, on the island Paros, Greece, Hagar Roublev, Women in Black from Israel left us. Friend, sister, her loss is immense pain. The day before she died, while we looked at the olive trees on Paros, she said to me, ?? how nice to look at olive trees and know that they won’t be uprooted by a bulldozer as it happens in Palestine ". Hagar has always been against a Jewish state. She was one of the founders of Women in Black. I can’t forget her, witnessing her death and revisiting the moments of her agony is like being ripped apart. Hagar forever!

and a note of the year 2000 from our Gila Svirsky from this List
In Memoriam: Hagar Roublev
Today I have the sad news to report that Hagar Roublev, one of the most brilliant and charismatic figures the Israeli peace movement has ever known, is dead. She died a few days ago of heart failure at the age of 46. Hagar lived her life with so much passion, so much political vehemence and conviction, perhaps her heart ultimately could not keep up with her.
May her sacred work be carried on by all of us.