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India: Do not participate in the foundation laying of the temple at Ayodhya - Appeal to the Prime Minister From National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW)

Thursday 1 October 2020, by siawi3


India: Do not participate in the foundation laying of the temple at Ayodhya - Appeal to the Prime Minister From National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW)

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The National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), which was founded by prominent women freedom fighters like Aruna Asaf Ali, expresses its deep disappointment and disapproval at the reported participation of Shri Narendra Modi, the PRIME MINISTER of India, in laying the foundation of the temple at Ayodhya.

The matter of faith and freedom of religion is a personal choice and a fundamental freedom of every citizen. This principles enshrined in the fundamental rights of the Constitution applies to Mr. Narendra Modi as well.

The Constitution of India makes it clear that the government and Prime Minister should remain neutral to, and above all religions, thus upholding the values of secular India. The Prime Minister going to Ayodhya to lay the foundation of the temple undermines our secular framework, and clearly endorses the majoritarian Hindutva agenda, despite his claims of building an inclusive India. It implies the negation of the Constitutional values.

Mr. Modi is not just an individual citizen. As the Prime Minister and head of the government today, he should take special care to make sure that he is not seen as partisan towards with one faith or religion. This is especially as, notwithstanding the court verdict, Ayodhya continues to be a disputed issue.

The official Unlock 3.0 guidelines state that Social, political, sports, entertainment, academic, cultural, religious functions and other large congregations will not be permitted.

The Prime Ministers participation in a ceremony of this kind is bound to send a message of double standards practiced by the highest public functionaries of India.

The priorities of the government today should be to confront the economic and health crisis.

NFIW, together with the undersigned representatives of womens movements, political leaders, academics, journalists and concerned citizens of the country appeal to the Prime Minister to NOT PARTICIPATE, either physically or virtually, in the foundation laying function at Ayodhya.

Thanking you

List of signatories

1. Aruna Roy, President, National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW)
2. Annie Raja, Gen. Sec., National Federation of Indian Women
3. Mariam Dhawale, General Secretary, All India Democratic Womens Association
4. Chhabi Mohanty, General Secretary, All India Mahila Sanskritik Sangathan(AIMSS)
5. Nisha Biswas, Women against Sexual Violence and State repression (WSS)
6. Pamela Philipose, Independent journalist
7. Binoy Viswam, Member of Parliament, Secretary, National Council, CPI
8. Lissy Joseph, Confederation of Free Trade Unions of India
9. Vineet, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan
10. Shobha Nandwana, Former Prof. Human Development And Family Studies, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology (MPUAT)Udaipur.
11. Brinelle Dsouza, Faculty Member, TISS Tata Institute of Social Sciences
12. Dr. T. Jayakumar, Associate Professor of English, Periyar EVR College
13. Jessica Richard, Feminist, Theologian, Editor and Gender Consultant, Church of South India.
14. Swati Narayan, Visiting Fellow, Institute for Human Development
15. Joseph Mattam, Emeritus Professor, Gujarat Vidya Deep
16. Sheelu, Womens Collective
17. Mamta Jaitly, Secretary Vividha
18. Kamayani Swami, Jan Jagaran Shakti Sangathan
19. Charul joshi, COMMUNIST Party of India.
20. Kazi Sangramoon Uddin, CPIML Liberation
21. Vijaya Lakshmi Joshi, Human Rights Activist, Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)
22. Sutapa Bhattacharya Chakraborty, CPI
23. Amutha Jayadeep, Former Joint Secretary JNUSU, AISF
24. Ila Dalwai, President, Hamid Dalwai Muslim Research Institute
25. Shalini Gera, Advocate, High Court of Chhattisgarh at Bilaspur
26. Dilip DSouza, Independent writer
27. Sanjeev Chandan, Editor Streekaal, Streekaal
28. Cedric Prakash , Human Rights Activist, PRASHANT
29. Aysha, Right to Food Campaign
30. Narendran Kandasamy , PARE Foundation
31. Indira Unninayar, Advocate Supreme Court and Delhi High Court
32. Maimoona Mollah, President, AIDWA Delhi
33. Shambhu Ghatak, Senior Associate Fellow, Inclusive Media for Change, Common Cause
34. Viveka, Professor, Mumbai, JCoR Maharashtra
35. Rosaline, Project manager, Sahayini Social Development Society
36. ???? ????????, ???????,NFIW
37. ?????????? ??????, ????, NFIW
38. A.B.Thameem Ansari, Nagore Sharing Haj Service
39. Abonti Handique, Assam Mohila Songha, NIFW
40. Adv. P. Vasantham, Thiruvantapuram, Kerala Mahila Sangham
41. Advocate Kranti Deshmukh, State Vice President, Amravati, NFIW
42. Advocate Madhuri Kshirsagar, State Executive Member, Parbhani, NFIW
43. Akhileshwari Ramagoud, Independent Journalist and Academic
44. Alfiya K Jose, Indian Institute of Technology Madras
45. Amita, Advocate
46. Amrit Joga, Bathinda, N.F.I.W
47. Anbarasi, Nurse Presentation
48. Appamma, Guntur District, NFIW,
49. Aruna Gnanadason, Indian Christian Womens Movement
50. Aruna, Anantapur District, NFIW.
51. ArunaSinha, NCR, NFIW
52. Arvind Peter, Christian Institute for the study of Religion (CISRS), Delhi
53. Asha Sharma, Gen Secretary, AIDWA Delhi
54. Ashvini Pagare, Nashik, NFIW
55. Asomi Gogoi, Secretary, Asom Mahila Songha, NFIW
56. Avtar Kaur, Ludhiana, N.F.I.W
57. ?????? ?????????? ????? ????, ?????, NFIW
58. ?????? ??????, NFIW
59. ?????, NFIW
60. B.Bimalamma, Vishaka District, NFIW
61. B.Parameswari, Vishaka District, NFIW
62. Badiuzzaman , Citizen of India
63. Baljinder Kaur, Ludhiana, N.F.I.W
64. Balwinder Kaur, Amritsar Rural, N.F.I.W.
65. Balwinder Kaur, Gurdaspur, Social Activist
66. Basanti Lakrs, Teacher
67. Bhagyalakshmi, Kadapa District, NFIW,
68. Bharathi, Guntur District, NFIW
69. Bharati Kachari, Asom Mahila Sanga Jorhat, NFIW
70. Bharati Kachari, Asom Mahila Sanga Jorhat
71. Bharti Dhakwal, Raigad, NFIW
72. Bharti Nyalpalli, Ahmednagar ,NFIW
73. ???? ??????, ????, NFIW
74. ????? ??????, ???? begusarai-NFIW
75. ????????, ??????, NFIW
76. ??????? ????, ??????, NFIW
77. Caroline Flora, Sec. Grade, St. Kevins Anglo Indian Higher secondary school
78. Ch.Krishnaveni, Kadapa District, NFIW
79. Chakri Bai, Hyderabad, NFIW
80. Chandana Jha,Katihar, NFIW
81. Chitra Vanjari, Amravati, NFIW
82. D. Krishnakumari, Hyderabad, NFIW
83. D.Ramanamma, Krishna District, NFIW
84. D.Sitaravamma Kumari.NFIW.
85. Darshna, Jallandhr, N.F.I.W
86. Deepti Bharti , G.S, NFIW Delhi Unit
87. Dev Desai, ANHAD
88. Dr M Ismaeel Khan, Private job
89. Dr Manasi Baheti, Aurangabad, NFIW
90. Dr. Kochurani Abraham, Feminist Theologian, Indian Christian Womens Movement
91. Dr.Anuradha Reddi, Mumbai, NFIW
92. ???? ??????, ???? ?????, ??????? ????, NFIW
93. ???????????, ???????, NFIW
94. ?????? ???? (???????),NFIW
95. ????? ?????? , ????, NFIW
96. ???? ??????, ?????, ????? ????,NFIW
97. E.Ramadevi, Kothagudam, NFIW
98. Elfinarod, Social coordinator, Pushpanjali
99. Faimida, Rangareddy, NFIW
100. Flory Menezes, JcoR
101. G. Varamma, Medchal,NFIW
102. G.Pavitra, Anantapur District, NFIW.
103. ???? ??????, ????????? (???? ?????, ??????? ????), NFIW
104. ?????? ??, ??????, NFIW
105. ??????, ??????, NFIW
106. ??????? ????, ??????, ?????, NFIW
107. Gayatri, Prakasam District, NFIW,
108. Geeta Katagi, Dharwad, Hubli Dist,NFIW
109. Giddamma, Karnool District, NFIW, N
110. Girija, Medchal, NFIW
111. Gudem Laxmi, Karimnagar, NFIW
112. Gulzar Bhat, Journalist, Freelancer
113. Gurbax Kaur, Jallandhr, N.F.I.W
114. Harjit Kaur, Fazlika, N.F.I.W
115. Harjit Kaur, Taran Taran, N.F.I.W
116. Harsharanjit , Patiala, N.F.I.W
117. Indira, West Godavary District, NFIW
118. ????? ????(???????), NFIW
119. ???? ?????? ??????(?????), NFIW
120. ?????? ????, ????? ??????? (????),NFIW
121. ?????? ????, ??????, ?????? ????, NFIW
122. ???? ????, ????, NFIW
123. J. Laxmi, Medchal, NFIW
124. Jacob, Development Consultant, Dharma Bharati Service Society
125. JAMES G, Independent Researcher
126. Jangamma, Yadadri, NFIW
127. Jaspal Bhatia, Supporter NFIW
128. Javid Hussain, Civil engineer, Psna
129. Jayalakshmi, Anantapur District, NFIW.
130. Jayalakshmi, Chitoor District, NFIW
131. Jeet Kumari, Ludhiana, N.F.I.W
132. Jeevasundari, Writer, Freelancer
133. Joginder, Fazlika, N.F.I.W
134. Jyothi Natrajan, State Executive Member, Nashik, NFIW
135. Jyotsna Mali, Pune, National Federation of Indian Women
136. K.Baby, West Godavary District, NFIW
137. K.Shantha, Jagityal, NFIW
138. K.Shobha Rani, Karimnagar, NFIW
139. K.Sitamahalakshmi, West Godavary District, NFIW
140. K.Suguna, Bupalpally, NFIW
141. Kajal Verma, None
142. Kamya, Social worker, No Affiliation
143. Kanika , Student
144. Karen Gabriel, St Stephens College
145. Karuna, Prakasam District, NFIW
146. Kavin Malar, Writer/Journalist, Independent
147. Kiran Prakash, Gaya, NFIW
148. Kiranbir Valtoha, Taran Taran, N.F.I.W
149. Kotamma, Suryapet,NFIW
150. Krishna bai Zunjur, Thane District, NFIW
151. Kulwant Kaur, Ludhiana, N.F.I.W
152. Kulwant Kaur, Amritsar Rural, N.F.I.W.
153. Kurshida, Anantapur District, NFIW.
154. Kushal Bhaura, Bathinda, N.F.I.W.
155. Leila Passah, Feminist Activist
156. Lad Kumari Jain, Prof (retd) & Social Activist, Rajasthan University Womens Association
157. Lakshmi Devi, NFIW
158. Lanci Rodrigues , Premanjali
159. Lata Bhise Sonawane, State Secretary and National Executive Member, Maharashtra NFIW
160. Lata Bhise Sonawane, state secretary, Pune, NFIW
161. Lathadevi, Khammam, NFIW
162. Laxmi, Suryapet, NFIW
163. Lisa Pires, Private Citizen
164. Lova Ratnam, East Godavary District, NFIW
165. M. Gonsalves, ?????? ?????? nun
166. M. Sadalaxmi, Central Committee, NFIW
167. M. Vijaya, Prakasam District, NFIW,NFIW
168. M.Nalindi, Adilabad, NFIW
169. M.Swarooparani, Nizamabad, NFIW
170. Madhuri Honagekar, Karwar dist, NFIW
171. Malleshwari, Suryapet, NFIW
172. Manjit Kaur, Sangrur, N.F.I.W.
173. Manjit Kaur, Faridkot, N.F.I.W
174. Manjit Kaur, Mansa, N.F.I.W
175. Manjula, Chitoor District, NFIW
176. Manjula, NFIW
177. Margaret Gonsalves, Social activist
178. Mariazinha, Teacher Manager
179. Minakshi Bombarde, Bhandara, NFIW
180. Mohd Abuzar, ANHAD
181. Ms. V. Saldanha, Coordinator, ICWM Mumbai, Indian Christian Womens Movement
182. Munnalaxmi Kumara, Kothagudam, NFIW
183. N. Jyothi, Central Committee, NFIW
184. N. Rao Potturi, Society for Environment and Education
185. N.Bramaramba, East Godavary District, NFIW
186. N.Jagadamba, West Godavary District, NFIW
187. N.Ramasubbayamma, Guntur District, NFIW
188. Nadiya, Chitoor District, NFIW
189. Nagalakshmi, West Godavary District, NFIW
190. Nageswaramma, Karnool District, NFIW
191. Nanda Jadhav, Mumbai, NFIW
192. Narinder Pal, Taran Taran, N.FI.W
193. Narinder Sohal, Moga, N.F.I.W
194. Neha Pathania, Pathankot, N.F.I.W
195. Nirmala Alfonso, Karwar District, NFIW
196. Nirmala Pawar, Thane Samiti, NFIW
197. Nisha Sidhu, Secretary, National Federation of Indian Women
198. Nivedita Jha,Patna, NFIW
199. Nusrat Parveen, South Delhi, NFIW
200. P. Padmavati, Chennai, India Matar Desiya Sammelanam
201. P.Kalavati, Khammam, NFIW
202. P.Sugunamma, Jangoan, NFIW
203. Padma, Manchirial, NFIW
204. Paramita Dasgupta, West Bengal State Asst. Secretary. NFIW
205. Parmarprezy, Teacher, Pushpanjali
206. Parvathi Prasad, Anantapur District, NFIW.
207. Parveen Kaur, Amritsar City, N.F.I.W
208. Parveen Sharma, Amritsar city, N.F.I.W.
209. Persis Ginwalla, Individual
210. Philomena John, West Delhi, NFIW
211. Pooja, Chandigarh, N.F.I.W
212. Prabhavathi, Srikakulam District, NFIW
213. Prabhavati Das, Bhubhaneshwar, Utkal Mahila Samiti
214. Pramiladevi, Peddapally, NFIW
215. Pramoda Hazare, Madhuri Nevagiri, Nisha Mohan Patil, Belgaum Dist, NFIW
216. Pravin Mastud, AISF
217. Prema, Presentation Sister
218. Purnima, Manchirial, NFIW
219. Purti Lakhode, Amravati, NFIW
220. Pushpa Saini , Social Worker, Mahila Punarvas Samuh Samiti, Jaipur
221. R. S. Ismail, Executive Trustee, We Can Womens Coalition Trust
222. R.Srividya, Warangal (urban), NFIW
223. Radha, Jagityal GB, NFIW
224. Raja Kumari, Adilabad, NFIW
225. Rajamani, KamaReddy, NFIW
226. Rajamani, Yadadri, NFIW
227. Rajani , NFIW
228. Rajinderpal Kaur, Taran Taran
229. Rajni Bakshi, Author, Freelance writer
230. Ramanamma, Kadapa District, NFIW, NFIW
231. Ranjan Solomon, Badayl
232. Ratnamma, Chitoor District, NFIW
233. Ravi Kanta Ludhiana, N.F.I.W
234. Ravinderjit, Patiala, N.F.I.W
235. Rebin Vincent Gralan, Bar Association
236. Reetha, Social Worker, Sarvodaya Social centre
237. Regi, Presentation Sisters
238. Rehana Begam, West Delhi, NFIW
239. Rekha Sharma, Mansa, N.F.I.W
240. Rekha, Gurdaspur, N.F.I.W
241. Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, Presbyter, Christ Church
242. Roja, West Godavary District, NFIW,
243. Ronak, Law Student, PUCL, Jaipur
244. Rupinder Kaur, Taran Taran, N.F.I.W
245. S. Chayadevi, Hyderabad, NFIW
246. S.Pushpakumari, West Godavary District, NFIW
247. S.Ravamma, Prakasam District, NFIW,NFIW
248. S.Vijaya, Warangal (Rural), NFIW
249. Saguna Shrimal, Ahmednagar, NFIW
250. Sambalaxmi, Mahabubabad, NFIW
251. Sameer Pathan , Independent
252. Samima Ansari, Nagore Shariff Haj Service
253. Sanklpana Karhade, State Treasurer, Thane District, NFIW
254. Santosh Brar, Jallandhr, N.F.I.W
255. Saraswathi, Srikakulam District, NFIW
256. Saroj Murtijapurkar, Akole, NFIW
257. Saroja, Anantapur District, NFIW.
258. Savitri, Siddipet, NFIW
259. Secretary, Forum of Religious, FORUM
260. Seema Sohal Taran Taran N.F.I.W
261. Shakuntala Kour, North West, NFIW
262. Shamim Ahmad, Independent
263. Shamim Bano Khan, Bhandara, NFIW
264. Sharnjit Kaur, Amritsar Rural, N.F.I.W
265. Shayama Sreee Das, Kolkata, Pachim Banga Mahila Samiti
266. Shehnaz Qadri, North Delhi, NFIW
267. Shinder Kaur, Moga, N.F.I.W
268. Shivani, Hyderabad, NFIW
269. Shweta Azad, Student
270. Simerjit Kaur, Moga, N.F.I.W
271. SK. Chanbibi, Vijayanagaram District, NFIW
272. Sk. Haseena, Karnool District, NFIW
273. SK. Maddi Manikyam, Vijayanagaram District, NFIW
274. Sk.Ashabi, Anantapur District, NFIW.
275. SK.Begam, Vishaka District, NFIW
276. Sk.Lalbi, West Godavary District, NFIW
277. Sk.Munni, Kadapa District, NFIW, NFIW
278. Smita Pansare, State President, Ahmednagar, NFIW
279. Snehal Kamble, Kolhapur, N.F.I.W
280. Snehal Kumari, Partner in a travel agency, Supporter NFIW
281. Sonali Biswas, Committee Member, NFIW, Paschi Banga Mahila Samity
282. Subbalakshmi, Vishaka District, NFIW NFIW
283. Sufi, Pune, NFIW
284. Sukhraj Kaur, Taran Taran, N.F.I.W
285. Sulatai Patil, Thane Samiti, NFIW
286. Sumitra Sinha, East Delhi, NFIW
287. Sumitra, Fazlika, N.F.I.W
288. Sunita Amrutsagar, State Joint Secretary, Kolhapur NFIW
289. Surjit Kalra, Chandigarh, N.F.I.W
290. Sushila Sahay,Patna, NFIW
291. Swastika Sanghmitra, NFIW Jharkhand
292. Swati Kshirsagar, Kolhapur, NFIW
293. Swati Nayan Gaikwa , Akole, NFIW
294. T.Nirmaladevi, Khammam, NFIW
295. T.Rahela, Warangal (urban),NFIW
296. U. Srujana- Central Committee, NFIW
297. Usha Devi, Noida, NFIW
298. Usha Waghmare, Raigad, NFIW
299. Utpal Das Advocate, Individual
300. V Ponnuraj, Retired Professor
301. V. B. Ganesan, Pensioner, Freelance Translator
302. V.Syamala, West Godavary District, NFIW
303. Vandana Kulkarni, Individual
304. Varalakshmi, Anantapur District, NFIW.
305. Varsha Chavan, Parbhani, NFIW
306. Vasantha, Convent, Independent
307. Vasudha Kalyankar, State Joint Secretary, Aurangabad, NFIW
308. Vazritasma, St. Marys Convent School
309. Vidya Kore, State Vice President, Thane Smiti
310. Vijayalaxmi Pandit, Vikarabad, NFIW
311. Vijayalaxmi, Medchal, NFIW
312. Vijita, Sanga Reddy, NFIW
313. Yadamma, Rangareddy, NFIW
314. Yadla Laksmi, East Godavary District, NFIW
315. Zaid Shaikh, BA.LLB,
316. ZIN P., Teacher, Manager
317. Zoha Mahdi, Civil society member
318. ?????? ?????? (???????), NFIW
319. Gargi Chakravartty, Executive Council Member, National Federation of Indian Women
320. Koninika Ray, Executive Council Member, National Federation of Indian Women
321. Supriya Chotani, Executive Council Member, National Federation of Indian Women
322. Nisar, NAS
323. Silvia PBVM, Indivi