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Trump’s allies may still rule Europe – Poland shows what’s at stake

Sunday 8 November 2020, by siawi3


Trump’s allies may still rule Europe – Poland shows what’s at stake


In the biggest demonstrations in Poland’s recent history, 100,000 protesters flooded the streets last week to resist a court ruling that has imposed a near-total ban on abortion.

But this is not only a Polish story. Women’s rights in Poland have come into the crosshairs of the powerful US Christian conservative ‘legal army’, the American Center for Law and Justice. And it’s led by Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow. In the recent Polish constitutional court case, Sekulow’s group submitted arguments supporting the ban of abortion in cases of fatal foetal anomalies.

As the world watches the US election, you’d think that Trump’s friends would have other things to do. But Trump is just a part of a much bigger, well-resourced, global backlash against women’s and LGBTIQ rights.

Last week, we revealed the “staggering” scale of such spending for the first time. Since 2007, dozens of US Christian right groups, many of them linked to the Trump administration, have spent at least $280 million of ‘dark money’ around the world. Sekulow’s group has spent more money in Europe than anywhere else (outside the US).


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