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Israel: Solidarity as a verb: Why and How and Where to?

Join Zochrot’s online gathering: Wednesday, December 16th 7PM Jerusalem time ( EST)

Friday 11 December 2020, by siawi3

Source: Zochrot · 34 Yitzhak Sadeh St., 4th floor (close to corner of Masger St.) · Tel Aviv - Jaffa 64362 · Israel

Solidarity as a verb: Why and How and Where to?

While solidarity with Palestine is as old as the Nakba, the experience of global solidarity has figured prominently in the past two decades, in response to the growth of global capitalism and imperialism. The need to confront the systematic violation of people’s rights around the world and the powers behind it, is leading to the unity of the different movements seeking justice and laying the ground for collective learning and strategizing, generating new forms of solidarity.

Solidarity as a verb: Why and How and Where to?

Join Zochrot’s online gathering on Wednesday 16/12 at 19:00 Palestine time, to discuss the ways our shared responsibility for solidarity with Palestine transforms into action and why solidarity with Palestine is crucial, not only for the liberation of Palestinians but for a just future for all. We will talk about the narrative of solidarity around Palestine, how it is informed, and its relation to other movements around the world.

We will hear from our guest speakers about their different experiences, activism and commitment for social and racial justice not only to their people but to that of all people, and how they view Return as an integral part of their commitment and work towards a just and better future for all. We will end the session with a collective radical imagination of the ways to move forward with a global solidarity movement to advance return in its different forms.

Joining us:

Khury Petersen-Smith is the Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. He is a researcher and activist who focuses on ending the War on Terror, the Palestinian freedom struggle, Black internationalism, and solidarity against empire.

Orly Noy is a journalist, editor at local call online magazine, a translator of Farsi literature into Hebrew, and a Mizrahi political activist.

Leah Muskin-Pierret (she/her) is a Jewish American Palestine solidarity organizer who believes in creating the world we seek in our own communities. She supports organizing, training, and mentorship in communities across the country to transform power in Congress with the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and works to build a world beyond police and past patriarchy with Occupation Free DC, Collective Action for Safe Spaces, and LeftWing DC Futbol Club.

Wednesday, December 16th 7PM Jerusalem time ( EST)

Please make sure to register here so we can send you the link.

The event will also be streamed live on facebook.

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