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UK: Creativity in Protesting Religious Fundamentalism


Wednesday 21 April 2021, by siawi3


Maryam Namazie’s TEDx Warwick talk on ‘Creativity in Protesting Religious Fundamentalism’ has finally been published more than a year later as a result of public pressure - but without any slides. Namazie had initially been informed that her talk would not be published.

An advisory on the video states: ’Some viewers may find elements of this talk to be distressing or objectionable.’ CEMB finds the de facto blasphemy censorship and the erasure and dehumanisation of ex-Muslim stories distressing and dehumanising.

You can see the TedX video here.

Censored slides can be seen here.



Creativity in Protesting Religious Fundamentalism

Maryam Namazie

20 avr. 2021

Maryam Namazie is a passionate campaigner against oppressive religious fundamentalism. Maryam has personal experience of this oppression having escaped from Iran in 1980 after the Islamic Revolution. Maryam talks about how we can use creativity in order to resist religious fundamentalism. The creative strategies she focuses on include blasphemy, apostasy and nude protest as a radically creative solution to tackle oppressive religious hegemonies.

Video here: 14:14