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UK: The public hearings for the Iran Atrocities Tribunal

Wednesday 29 September 2021, by siawi3

Source: email 27 Sept 21

UK: the public hearings for the Iran Atrocities Tribunal

We are inviting you to attend the public hearings for an international People’s Tribunal on the atrocities of November 2019 in Iran.
Taking place in London from 10-14th November 2021, dozens of eyewitnesses, victims and their families will testify in front of a panel of six renowned lawyers on the violations and their perpetrators in a five-day long hearing.

On November 15th, 2019, protests broke out in Iran following a sudden spike in fuel prices. The peaceful protests were met with brutality and horrific violence. In the few days that followed, amidst a total internet shutdown, thousands were killed, injured or detained, some of whom are now on death row, awaiting execution. Despite verbal condemnation from the international community, nothing has been done to vindicate the victims or hold the perpetrators accountable.

We have received over 260 responses to our call for witnesses. Some were directly involved in the protests, others were bystanders; some were injured themselves; others saw loved ones, friends, or strangers injured by Iranian security forces. Many witnesses prepared to testify were protestors or were arrested and can reveal the nature of the detention centres and prisons, in person or online from Iran. These witnesses are coming before the panel of judges with immense courage and bravery, most risking their lives. Based on their evidence, the Counsel has accused 133 people (including Iran’s Supreme Leader, Khamenei, and its president, Raisi) and entities of ‘crimes against humanity and grave human rights violations,’ and has summoned them to the tribunal to present their defence.

Impartial investigations are not only vital to human rights, but they are the pillar on which it stands. If states and the international community is not willing to begin an investigation, we are the ones who must step up, for the sake of justice. Your presence in this process is of the utmost importance as it indicates that the victims are not alone in their struggle for justice, but will indeed be heard by those who will instigate action.

The public hearings will take place over five days – 10th-14th November 2021 – at Church House in Westminster, London. We invite you to attend, either virtually or in person. The event will be free of charge and streamed on several platforms. Your support means a lot to us and those who are endeavouring to have their voices heard for the first time.

If you are in London, book your tickets here:

Please share the link with others who can and will be interested in attending.

If you are not in London, you can view it online here:

If you would like to support the tribunal, we also suggest that you contribute through donations. Your help will be put towards the travel expenses, the cost of the venue and technical facilities so that the tribunal will run smoothly.

Make a donation here:

Find out more about the tribunal:

For media inquiries, please contact the Tribunal press office at: press

For any other inquiries please get in touch with us at info

We would like to thank you for any contribution or support you have shown the tribunal.

Kindest regards,

The Tribunal Organisers


A short description in Persian:

دعوت برای حضور در دادگاه بین المللی مردمی آبان
دادگاه بین المللی مردمی آبان ۱۰ تا ۱۴ نوامبر در لندن برگزار می شود. شش حقوقدان بین‌المللی شناخته شده شهادت ده‌ها تن از قربانیان و شاهدان جنایات آبان ۱۳۹۸ را خواهند شنید و هیات دادستانی اسناد و مدارک مربوط به ۱۳۳ تن از مقاماتی که در کشتار، زخمی، زندانی کردن و شکنجه هزاران معترض دست داشتند ارائه خواهد داد. حضور در جلسات این دادگاه بین‌المللی مردمی برای همه کسانی که از طریق لینک زیر ثبت نام کرده باشند آزاد است: