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A Wish for Afghanistan


Friday 1 October 2021, by siawi3


A Wish for Afghanistan
- 5. The advocate -

BBC Sounds

Released On: 29 Sep 2021

Available for over a year

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Forced to flee the Taliban - human rights advocate, former government advisor, feminist, Shaharzad Akbar, who knows the transformative power of education, now a refugee again. Shaharzad Akbar was the first Afghan woman to do post graduate studies at Oxford University in Britain, a student of Smith College in the US, a schoolgirl whose studies were stopped the last time the Taliban were in power, forcing her family to leave Afghanistan when she was a teenager. Now she’s had to leave again, abandoning the life she’d built in Kabul. But Shaharzad Akbar tells Lyse Doucet she won’t give up pushing for what she believes in.