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The Espionage Act & Julian Assange


Saturday 4 December 2021, by siawi3


Britain, CN Live!, History, Intelligence, Legal, WikiLeaks

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The Espionage Act & Julian Assange

December 3, 2021

As we await the High Court decision on Julian Assange, we took a deep dive into the Espionage & Official Secrets Acts and their impact on the Assange case.

Watch the replayhere. 1.11.55

As a ruling by the High Court in London is imminent in the U.S. appeal seeking to overturn an order not to extradite imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, CN Live! looked at the High Court’s options and had a fascinating discussion on the parallel history of the U.K. Official Secrets Act and the U.S. Espionage Act, under which Assange has been charged.

Our guests were James Goodale, who was The New York Times counsel during the Pentagon Papers case, and CN legal analyst Alexander Mercouris. Watch the replay here with your host Joe Lauria. Produced by Cathy Vogan.