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Cartoons on Women’s Struggle for Equality & More in Iran | Mana Neyestani

Thursday 23 December 2021, by siawi3


Women’s Struggle for Equality in Iran - 9 cartoons

Women’s Struggle for Equality in Iran | Mana Neyestani
by Mana Neyestani (20 December 2021)
Khamenei and the Vaccines
On January 8, Ayatollah Khamenei banned the import of UK and US-made Covid-19 vaccines as Iran was facing a deadly third wave of coronavirus. This was Mana Neyestani’s reaction
Guards at Work
Mana Neyestani’s take on the security agencies’ lethal response to protests by impoverished Baluch fuel carriers in February.
Ali Motahari and the Provocative Hand
Racist and sexist comments by “reformist” MP Ali Motahari caused uproar in April, prompting this satirical take by Mana Neyestani.
A Day to Respect Women in Iran
An honest view of how the Iranian regime cynically gets behind International Women’s Day every year despite its dismal women’s rights record, by Mana Neyestani.
The Master’s Nuclear Dream
The last nuclear talks of Hassan Rouhani’s tenure got under way in spring 2021. Mana Neyestani asks where the regime’s priorities ought to lie
Javad Zarif: Apologist-in-Chief
As Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s tenure was drawing to a close, Mana Neyestani reminded us of his record putting a diplomatic face on atrocities in Iran – including the downing of Flight 752 by the Revolutionary Guards
Rouhani’s Management Style
Touka Neyestani asks who’s really in the driving seat: the President of Iran, or the Supreme Leader?
For Brave Iranian Journalists
Mana Neyestani’s tribute to journalists giving a voice to the silenced on International Press Freedom Day.

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