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Assange: Can Exposure Bring Justice?


Sunday 2 January 2022, by siawi3


Assange extradition, WikiLeaks


Assange: Can Exposure Bring Justice?

January 1, 2022

Join Fidel Narváez, former consul at the Ecuador embassy in London, and John Kiriakou, former C.I.A. officer and CN columnist, discussing Julian Assange’s work.

Produced by the First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, WI. Noon, Sunday EST.

On Jan 2 11am Central time/12pm Eastern time

VIDEO here

What really went down at the Ecuadorian Embassy that allegedly triggered the CIA plot to kidnap or kill Julian Assange? Former consul at the embassy for over 6 years Fidel Narváez, tells the inside story. John Kiriakou can spell out what Administrative Segregation in U.S. prisons really means.