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Iran: The first perpetrator of the 1988 massacre stands trial

Monday 17 January 2022, by siawi3

Source: Justice for Iran, by email today


The first perpetrator of the 1988 massacre stands trial

Our coverage of Hamid Noury’s trial in Stockholm started in September and will continue until its last session in May 2022.

Noury was arrested in Stockholm in 2019 due to his involvement in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners. The Swedish Prosecutor has accused him of murder and war crime in his role as the Assistant to the Deputy Prosecutor at Gohardasht Prison.

This is an important milestone in bringing the victims and survivors of the massacre to justice as it may open doors for investigation into other perpetrators.


Aban Tribunal: Victims one step closer to justice, with many more steps to go

With immense bravery and great courage, 165 witnesses came forward to give their testimonies responding to a public call for witnesses in November 2020.

These included victims of injuries, arrest or torture, family members of deceased victims, as well as bystanders, eyewitnesses, medical professionals, and officials. The hearings spanned over 5 days, 10th -14th November, in London.

During the sessions, the Tribunal heard 34 fact witnesses and six expert witnesses.

The Tribunal picked up impressive media coverage, especially in Iran – it gathered over 15 million viewers across two live broadcasting channels. After reviewing all the evidence presented to them, the panel will make their final judgement in May 2022 in the Hague.