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Israel: Terrorists’ attacks from the settlers’ outposts in the Palestinian Jordan Valley

Wednesday 19 January 2022, by siawi3

Source: Gush Shalom 18.01.22

Terrorists from the settlers’ outposts in the Palestinian Jordan Valley regularly attack flocks of Palestinians with ATVs and stones – this week they also beat up a shepherdess and her son near Auja, and ran over and killed sheep in Rashash

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מפגינות בשייח’ ג’ראח, מזרח ירושלים, יום שישי, 17 בינואר 2022

Photo: Solidarity activists protest against house demolitions and expulsions in Sheikh Jarah, East Jerusalem, Friday, January 14, 2021

Taayush Movement report: This week – January 9-15, 2022 – in the Occupied Territories

Terrorists from the settlers’ outposts in the Palestinian Jordan Valley regularly attack flocks of Palestinians with ATVs and stones – this week they also beat up a shepherdess and her son near Auja, and ran over and killed sheep in Rashash, in the West Bank Hill Range; ‘Carmel’ settlers tried to steal lands belonging to Umm Al Kheir village by moving the route of the seperation fence between the settlement and the village, but the attempt was thwarted by Palestinian villagers; Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint detained, shackled and beat up 80-year-old Omar As’ad from Jiljiliya, then dumped him in a deserted building where he was found dead, hands shackled; demolitions throughout the West Bank and in East Jerusalem; Haj Sliman Hadalin died of his wounds, after being run over by a police tow-truck in his village of Umm Al Kheir;

Photo: Demonstrators at the weekly protest vigil of Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, Friday, January 17, 2022

South Hebron Hills

On Monday, settlers from the illegal outpost of ‘Mitzpe Yair’ along with a military unit came to a field in Atariya and prevented a Palestinian family from working there. Activists arrived, but were removed by a closed military zone order.

This week in Umm Al Kheir, settlers from near-by ‘Carmel’ tried to steal village land by moving the route of the fence separating the settler-colony from the village. Villagers and activists together prevented this act of stealing, and fencing continued on Tuesday and Wednesday along the old route. On Friday, a demonstration and prayer were planned in the village following the running over last week of Sliman Hadalin, an elderly villager, by the driver of a police tow-truck (police left the elderly man on the road in critical condition), but the gathering was postponed due to the stormy weather. Haj Sliman Hadalin died of his wounds at a Hebron hospital on Monday, January 17.

On Wednesday, January 12, the occupation forces demolished 9 structures and a large water hole at Fakhit, leaving a family of 18 persons, 11 of them children, homeless. Visitors and aid organizations arriving there on the morrow came to offer help.

Activists accompanied plowing work in Mughayer Al Abed on Thursday unhampered, and on Saturday they accompanied the family of the Umm Al Arais landowner. On Saturday at noon, settlers from ‘Maon’ and soldiers doing their bidding chased away a shepherd and his flock from Khali, near the village of Tawane.

To join Ta’ayush in The South Hebron Hills this Saturday call 055-2770168

Please make an effort to register no later than Thursday evening. Please bring an ID/passport, a hat, water and food for the day. It is advised to take into consideration cultural differences in the choice of clothing.

Palestinian Jordan Valley and the West Bank Hill Range

The shepherd communities around Auja suffer systematic harassment, both from the settler-colonists of the new outposts near ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’ and from the private outpost called ‘the Omer Ranch’. On Sunday, January 9, activists managed to prevent the dispersal of a flock belonging to a Palestinian shepherdess by settler-colonists from ‘Omer Ranch’, but the settlers went on to attack with stones another flock and threatened its Palestinian shepherd with guns. On Thursday, a settler from the new violent outpost near ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’ tried to chase away a flock with his ATV, but activists prevented this. That day, Palestinians who had leased Waqf land in the area came to protest confiscation of lands by the ‘Omer Ranch’ settler, who had dug holes, planted trees and placed benches and sheds there. The demonstrators raised a tent, and the settler summoned the army who presented the Palestinians and activists with a closed military zone order from 2021. The next day, terrorists from the outposts of ‘Mevo’ot Yericho’, riding 5 ATVs, attacked Palestinian shepherdesses, beat up one of the shepherdesses and her son, and grabbed and broke the cell phone of a Palestinian boy who was documenting the attack.

On Sunday, January 8, armed terrorists from the outposts near Rashash (Ramallah district) attacked the flock of a Palestinian shepherd and ran over sheep, 3 of which died on the spot and others were wounded.

Activists accompanied shepherds to grazing grounds in the northern part of the Palestinian Jordan Valley – Samra, Khalat Makhoul, Farisiya and En Al Hilwa – this week mostly unhampered. In Hamra activists managed to prevent the violent settler-colonist from the nearby outpost from chasing away a flock on Sunday as well as Monday, but then a military force arrived and at the bidding of the settler limited the grazing ground for the Palestinian flock.

On Sunday, on the West Bank Hill Range, flocks belonging to settlers invaded privately-owned Palestinian fields near Tayibe Junction. An activist summoned the police, who distanced the flocks from the tended Palestinian field. On Monday, activists paid a visit to Ras A Tin, where occupation forces had carried out massive demolitions in the summer, as well as confiscating solar panels, water tankers and tractors. The Palestinian villagers reported that the authorities demanded thousands of shekels in order to return the equipment to its owners; villagers who could not afford this, are now living without water and electricity.

To join activity in the Jordan Valley, please contact Arik: 050-5607034


The weekly protest vigil against evicting the Palestinian population from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood took place on Friday in stormy weather, unhampered.

The weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah takes place every Friday. We will meet at the Sheikh Jarrah Garden, Nablus Road and Dahlmann St. at 3 p.m

Demolitions in Jerusalem

On Monday, occupation forces demolished a structure in Sur Bahr and another in Issawiya. In Walaje they demolished 2 structures on Wednesday, and on Thursday a structure in Shu’afat refugee camp.

Throughout the West Bank

On Sunday, a settler-colonist mob blocked the road leading to Ramallah from Al Bireh, and stoned Palestinian vehicles.

Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint stopped Omar As’ad, an 80-year-old Palestinian living in Jiljiliya (Ramallah district), shackled and beat him up, and dumped him in a deserted building where he was discovered by other Palestinian detainees, dead, his hands shackled. Since the elderly Palestinian had American citizenship, this incident might still be investigated.

Demolitions throughout the West Bank
In Tarqumieh (Hebron district) the occupation forces demolished 3 structures on Monday, and in Beit Jalla (Bethlehem district) 2 structures on Tuesday.