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Egypt: Azza Soliman’s verdict is out

Sunday 13 February 2022, by siawi3

Source: email WLUML

Azza Soliman’s verdict is out


Judge/Mohamed El Sherbini, the head of judicial circuit 4 on terrorism, has decided today 13th of February 2022 that the court has no jurisdiction over lifting Azza Soliman’s name from the travel ban list. He has also decided to open the asset freeze case for repetition of hearing till Soliman provides evidence proving that the assets that she admitted owning and are under freeze are actually hers!

It is to be mentioned that the original decision to put Azza Soliman’s assets under asset freeze has included the proof of Soliman’s ownership over her movable and landed properties which are a flat, a car, and a bank account that has 42000 Egyptian Pounds. It is to our surprise that the verdict is issued in such a form because the assets were already proven to be Soliman’s because the asset freeze decision already admits the ownership of Azza over the bank account. It’s a decision to request proving what is already proved.

Nada Nashat
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