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Poland: Left-wing deputies together with the Ukrainian left demand the release of Ukraine from the burden of debts

Tuesday 1 March 2022, by siawi3


Poland: Left-wing deputies together with the Ukrainian left demand the release of Ukraine from the burden of debts

Monday 28 February 2022,

by Sotsiálnyi Ruh (Social Movement) Ukraine

The “Left Club” appealed to the European Commission to take over the maintenance of the Ukrainian debt to the European Central Bank.

“Without a decisive response from the European Union to the invasion of Russia, after Ukraine, the next in line will be Chisinov, after Chisinov - the Baltic countries, and then Warsaw.” But the response to Russian aggression is only one side of the medal, and the other is the real support of Ukraine" - said Adrian Zandberg of the Razem party at the press conference of the left club that took place on February 24.

Zandberg stressed that Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion was in a very difficult situation, not only military, but also economic and social:

We have to support Ukrainian society and Ukrainian economy. The first and most important is to free Ukraine from the burden of debt, which today on it crushes and complicates counter aggression. We will address the Polish government and the European Commission on this matter - Zandberg said, - this is the real support Europe can provide to Ukraine. We cannot leave Ukraine alone.

“The total amount of debt of Ukraine is about $ 94.1 billion. This year, it is planned to spend about UAH 180 billion ($6.2 billion). While Ukraine spends about 4% of GDP on national defense, about 10-15% of GDP is spent on paying off foreign debt. Ukraine is unable to repay debts to external lenders. Therefore, according to the exceptional circumstances of the war with Russia, which has become a fact, we demand to release Ukraine from debts. On behalf of the Ukrainians, we express our gratitude to the couples Razem i Nowa Lewica, who raised the question of the transfer of Ukraine’s debt to the ECB,” said Feodor Gorash of the Ukrainian NGO “Social Movement.”

It was emphasized that uncontrollable engagement and anti-social requirements for granting loans were the result of total oligarchization: not wanting to fight the rich and lenders, the authorities took new loans. Loans were received under the requirements of a reduction in the social sector, and their payment forces to save on vital needs and funding for fundamental sectors. Due to the lack of funds, the state does not conduct the modernization of the railway, under-supposed hospitals cut and under-finance nurses and doctors, and miners do not receive salaries at all. He also said that the call to write off the debt to the international community also addressed the largest trade unions of Ukraine, which represent the will of 5 million Ukrainian workers.

This decision is most expected by teachers, nurses and representatives of other budget sectors - and all Ukrainians survival of which depends on the improved work of these sectors. This step will help Ukraine when as a result of a military invasion it needs funds for the protection of civilians, housing for immigrants and medicine for the wounded. “This decision will be beneficial to European neighbors, because it will strengthen business activity in Ukraine and reduce the likelihood of war in Europe,” explained the representative of the Social Movement.

The Polish Parliament’s “Left Club” has been calling for decisive economic sanctions against the Russian Federation for several days: disable it from the international banking and financial system, confiscate shares and assets of the Russian elite in the EU, and transfer Their to help Ukraine.

“It’s time to stop the abusive treatment of Russian oligarchs and stop Russia from financing its aggression with the costs received in democratic countries. Russia committed a crime against peace in Europe and must pay a great price for it,” Zandberg summed up at today’s conference

Sotsiálnyi Ruh (Social Movement) Ukraine