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Rising Secularism, Challenging Islamism

Webinar March 8th/2022 at 6-8 PM

Thursday 3 March 2022, by siawi3


Rising Secularism, Challenging Islamism

by Homa Arjomand

Feb 17, 2022 Updated: 5 days ago

March 8th/2022 at 6-8 PM Toronto -time on IWD seminar on Rising Secularism, Challenging Islamism

Please join us the Round Table discussion on Rising Secularism, Challenging Islamism in six confirmed countries for March 8th (IWD) The International Women’s Day.

On 8 March (IWD) 2022, women’s rights group are organising online seminars, round table discussions and meetings to highlight the vast secular movement challenging Islamism globally.

Women’s rights activists will speak about the situation of women’s rights, Islamism’s misogyny, and the urgent need to support secular and women’s liberation movements particularly in the Middle East and across the globe.


Title: Rising Secularism, Challenging Islamism

These round table discussions are held in:

· Canada -Toronto at 18-20, Toronto time Moderator: Susanna McIntyre

· England-London at 7-8:00 pm (19-20), London time

· Germany at 11AM -1PM Kolon-time

· France at 9-11 AM Paris

· Sweden at 7-8 PM Stockholm

· Australia (time is not known yet)

Confirmed Speakers in Canada:

· Homa Arjomand
Born in Iran, Former educator, Founder of The Culture Bridges Association. The Coordinator of International Campaign Against Sharia Court in Canada, and The International Campaign for One Secular School System. Spoke person of Women’s Liberation in Canada.

· Dr Richard G L Thain
Founding board member, Centre for Inquiry Canada (CFIC) and presently on CFIC Advisory Council.

· Fika Taillon
Born in Kabul -Afghanistan. Agnostict! , Former educator, activist, public speaker, published poet/author, artist. Founder/orgonizer of Minds &Hearts Without Borders, INT

· Esam Shoukry
From Baghdad-Iraq, Studied at University of Baghdad, Shoukry, Organization for Secularism and Civil Right in Iraq, Canada

· Tamina Sadeghi,
Women and Children’s rights activists.

· Munawara Mahboobi
from Afghanistan women’s Right Activist, Nurse

· Tarak Fatah: /
From Pakistani, lives in Canadian, journalist and author, advocator of LGBT rights and separation of religion and state, opposition to sharia law and for a “liberal, progressive form” of Islam.

Where: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID:

853 3934 9360

Passcode: IWD