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Women In Black on Ukraine

Saturday 5 March 2022, by siawi3


End War on Ukraine
Immediate Ceasefire
Prevent Nuclear Attack

Women In Black For Justice Against War Ukraine Leaflet

by WIB International

Women in Black oppose war, militarism and violence. We stand with women and girls around the world, working together to build real security, justice and peace.

We recognise the many wars and human rights violations around the world that harm women and violate our rights and security. Nuclear weapons possession increases the dangers for everyone.

In the face of the Putin regime’s military invasion of Ukraine, Women in Black call for:

First – with urgent action

 Immediate ceasefire covering all armed personnel involved in this conflict
 Stop targetting civilians, end the use of illegal cruise missiles, cluster munitions, thermobaric weapons, and all forms of explosive weaponry on cities and in populated areas
 Immediate negotiations to end the invasion and war
 Greater inclusion of skilled/experienced women and peace-builders to resolve conflict
 Putin (and his allies) and NATO governments to publicly pledge not to use nuclear weapons, under any circumstances
 Support, amplify and protect peace activists in Russia and Ukraine
 The UK must welcome and support all refugees, from Ukraine and other armed conflicts in the world

Further Steps

 Laws on violence against women and children must be implemented, with more action to prevent and prosecute rape as a war crime
 Make the connections between war, climate destruction and patriarchal violence
 Campaign to prevent future conflicts and end military-industrial profits, arms dealing, nuclear and fossil-fuel dependency and climate destruction
 Democratic engagement at all levels to limit the opportunities for militarists and nationalists to gain and abuse political power
 Russia, the US, the UK, France and other nuclear-armed governments to join the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and eliminate their entire nuclear arsenals.
 Reform and strengthen the United Nations system and regional organisations to work for the elimination of inhumane weapons, promote peace, human rights and justice, and adhere to and abide by international humanitarian laws
 All of us need to work together for conflict resolution, war prevention, disarmament, the ending of occupations and colonialism, and the building of cooperative relations and real security. and